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Shanghai Mickey Mouse

Mickey Accomplished!

Now that we’ve celebrated at each and every one of the 6 Disney Theme Parks, (including each of the 14 individual parks) we’ve ranked every Disney Park from best to worst! Which Disney park is the best for families? Let’s find out!

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Tokyo Disneyland Castle

It really is a toss up between Tokyo Disney and Disney World, for the top ranked spot on our list ranking every Disney park. Ultimately, Tokyo Disney took the top spot because the magic is unsurpassed. The crème de la crème of Tokyo Disney is that every single cast member has fulfilled their life dream of working with the Big Cheese and they can’t wait to show you the time of your life!

What’s more? Characters are everywhere! And there are no ridiculous lines, except for Mickey and Minnie. Instead, excited fans simply form a crescent around the character and wait for their doting attention. Children always get selected before adults. The hierarchy comes from a place of true magic and storytelling.

Disney World is the most visited theme park in the world, but you can’t deny that at every turn there is a little bit of ‘can’t do this’ and ‘can’t do that’. Tokyo Disney resort offers an ease of navigating the parks like no other. At Tokyo Disney, you can take your strollers on the bus and through nearly every ride line, without parking or folding it up. When it comes time to ride the ride, a cast member will gladly take it for you and stow it.

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Walt Disney World Florida Castle

It pains me a little to give Disney World the #2 spot in our rankings for every Disney park. We truly love Disney World since the day we first stepped foot on Orlando soil and took in all the wonder of the San Francisco sized theme park.

The food is magnifique.
The culture is immersive.
The options are endless.
The details are poignant.
The experience is all encompassing.

In short, there is little Disney World doesn’t offer.

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Shanghai Disneyland Castle

Visiting a Disney park in the first year that it is open is comparable to little else. The newness, the freshness, the excitement, the imagination!

Nothing compares to Cinderella’s castle. This castle dominates. This is a true mansion dwarfing all the other park’s castles as if they were mere cottages. This castle is truly a part of the park where you are invited to walk through the castle on a tour, enjoy a picnic in its shade and see all the princesses portraits in a gallery underneath. The stage outside the castle has seating befit for an audience and houses grand productions for the subjects to gape at. Little princess daughters will be hypnotized.

This park is missing a lot of the classic rides that Disney is known for, particularly It’s A Small World. While some might find that refreshing, the culmination of everything that is missing does offer quite a different experience and that is why it comes in #3 for ranking every Disney park.

Read more about Shanghai’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

Hong Kong, China, Hong Kong Disneyland, Asia, Family, Travel, Ranking of Every Disney Park in the World
Hong Kong Disney Castle

Hong Kong Disney is home to our favorite ride of any Disney park: Mystic Manor. This is a hybrid of Haunted Mansion and Indiana Jones and employs the new magnetic technology that has just barely made its way to the American parks, on the ultra disappointing Square Dancing Cars ride in Cars Land. Mystic Manor is inspiring, mysterious, and unlike any ride you’ve been on at a Disney park.

The food here at Hong Kong Disneyland is diverse, interesting, and a melting pot of the cultures that come to reside in Hong Kong. Not to mention, it’s good! It certainly doesn’t rank #4 when it comes to food at every Disney park.

And like Disney Paris, Hong Kong has a Toy Story land which does not disappoint. All the toys come out to play, chase, and play hide and seek. Every single land in the park has structures for touching, climbing, and exploring. This park, more than any of the other parks, was built specifically with kids in mind.

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California Disneyland Park Castle

We’ve always said that California Disney, though the original park, is the red-headed step child to Disney World. It doesn’t get the attention any of the other parks do, is tiny, and is full of uptight, hipster California teenagers. Just about everyone has been here, so there isn’t much to say about a park that has had everything said about it.

This is why it gets the #5 ranking for every Disney park. There is something quite special about this park that no other park has: your favorite greasy foods that you can only find here. Between the Disneyland Corn Dog and the Disneyland Monte Cristo we will keep corralling our children through the crowds year after year after year after year…

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Paris Disneyland Castle

Yes, this park is the saddest of the lot. The food, the playgrounds, the rides, they all seem to be missing the Disney magic – and that’s a big something. For example, Indiana Jones was just a rollercoaster, a rollercoaster that Indiana Jones wasn’t even at.

It wasn’t all bad, however. There were two things that took our breath away (but two things in a Disney park doesn’t quite complete the experience).

Hyperspace Mountain. This is the ultimate Space Mountain, and it is exceptional. The second thing was the fireworks castle light show. It is so good, it made me cry. Featuring all the European Disney characters it evokes all the warm fuzzies that Disney films are known for and bundles them into a spectacular story.

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Let us know which Disney park is the best in your opinion! Which one do your kids love the most? What is their favorite ride? We can’t wait to read about all the things you love!


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