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Soy Sauce and Butter Popcorn

Flavored popcorn is all the rage in Tokyo Disney, and something that cannot be missed! Flavors range from Curry to Chocolate and you can have it all! Heck, you can even mix it together if you really want to take it to another level! But no matter how you eat it, you can’t go to Tokyo Disney and not try all 10 different flavors of popcorn at Tokyo Disneyland. 

We aren’t talking the plain old stuff you can get in California. If you don’t know what Tokyo Disney popcorn is then definitely keep reading. 

Flavors of Popcorn at Tokyo Disneyland

The complete list of popcorn flavors ever offered over the years at Tokyo Disneyland Resort are:

  • Milk tea
  • Strawberry
  • Orange Marmalade
  • Blueberry
  • Corn Potage
  • Coconut
  • Cappuccino
  • Cream soda
  • Jalapeno and Cheese
  • Chinese Spice
  • Garlic Shrimp
  • Curry
  • BBQ
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Salt
  • White Chocolate
  • Caramel
  • Herb Tomato
  • Black Pepper
  • Soy Sauce and Butter
  • Honey
  • Barbeque
Ultimate Guide to Flavored Popcorn at Tokyo Disney
Popcorn! (courtesy of Disney Food Blog)
Originally Published: July 2017 | Updated: July 2019

As an aside, Japan is crazy about corn flavored things (we tried a corn flavored drink at karaoke).

Some of the flavored popcorn is shared between parks, like the favorites such as Salt, Caramel and Milk Chocolate. Some are specific to a region, like Honey for Winnie the Pooh, or BBQ near Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Regardless of the flavor though, around every corner you’ll find a popcorn cart, and every guest in the park carrying a bucket of popcorn in their hand or around their neck.

Souvenir Popcorn Buckets

If you are a true die hard Disney fan, you must purchase a souvenir popcorn bucket.

They range from limited edition Mickey or Minnie, to every character Disney has ever introduced into our lives. These incredibly special buckets vary between seasons, between parks, for holidays, when they come back into style, when Disney decides they ought to come back into style, releases a new movie, releases a live action version of a movie, releases a movie from the vault…

You get the idea.

Flavored Popcorn at Disney
Souvenir Popcorn Buckets (photo courtesy of Disney)

Cost of a Souvenir Popcorn Bucket

  • $15 – $50 USD

To purchase an empty souvenir popcorn bucket, they’ll cost between $15USD – $50USD approximately.

Most guests have at least one, but if you consider yourself a true Disney fan, you’ll commandeer these buckets like you would key-chains.

And, if you have 4 kids like us, you’re only going to have to spend $200 to get each child their favorite!! Pocket change!

Cost of the Flavored Popcorn

  • $5 

Without a souvenir bucket each tub of flavored popcorn will run you approximately $5USD, but if you have a popcorn bucket to refill, you could save yourself a dollar and some change each time. Instead of $5, each popcorn snack will only cost you $4! 

Good news!

There is no limitation for how long you can reuse your bucket during future visits.

You can pass these plastic containers onto the grandkids, or leave them out of the will and give the kids all something to fight over after you die! Year after year, the kids will be returning to Tokyo Disneyland to refill Grandma and Grandpa’s favorite popcorn souvenir bucket.

Unless of course you decide to keep your ashes in them. 

Flavored Popcorn at Disney
Buckets buckets everywhere (courtesy of pinterest)

Disclaimer: Our family did not purchase a souvenir bucket. The $10 we would save did not woo us enough to spend an additional $15-$50USD per kid, though I wouldn’t have hated a BB8 one personally.

Our children were fine without the special bucket. They were more interested in trying all the different, disgusting and unique flavors then getting a cute bucket to put the flavored popcorn in. 

Finding a Popcorn Souvenir Bucket

  • Popcorn Cart
  • Valentina Sweets
  • Bon Voyage
  • World Confectionery Store

Every flavored popcorn stand will offer one to three styles of buckets. Your daily map will not have this information available as it varies from day to day and season to season.

If you, or your kids, are specific about the bucket you want to have, as you should be, head to Mediterranean Harbor at Valentina Sweets, Bon Voyage, or World Confectionery Store. There is no guarantee you’ll be able to find a large selection, if at all, but you might just get lucky.

Ultimate Guide to Flavored Popcorn at Tokyo Disney
Buckets buckets everywhere (courtesy of pinterest)

Where Can I Find the Flavored Popcorn at Tokyo Disney?

  • Daily Popcorn Map

Your daily map of the park will illustrate where each popcorn cart is located and which flavor it will be featuring. You’ll grab this when you enter the park, along with your map of the park itself.

It’s equally as important.

Your family will love running all over the parks in the most epic of treasure hunts to track down and try each and every flavor of popcorn at the Tokyo Disneyland Resort! 

Flavored Popcorn, Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Disney Sea, Family, Travel, Mickey Mouse
Popcorn locations and flavors shown on the map offered during your visit

Our Family’s Favorite Popcorn Flavors
at Tokyo Disney, and the Most Disgusting!

Popcorn flavors change seasonally, and new ones are even added periodically.

We accepted the challenge to seek out all 10 flavors offered during our visit.

There are a few I wish I could go back and never try again, and a few I wish I could have tried but weren’t offered during our visit.

These are our #cleandiaper flavors.

► Ranking: #cleandiaper

Flavored Popcorn, Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Disney Sea, Family, Travel, Mickey Mouse, Souvenir
Standard bucket of popcorn

? Milk Chocolate | ミルクチョコレート

Mine and Widmore’s favorite flavored popcorn flavor hands down was the Milk Chocolate! It tastes like hot chocolate melted with marshmallows. It isn’t overly sweet, or coated. It is the perfect mix of chocolate to popcorn ratio.

Definitely get a bucket for both hands. 

Milk Chocolate, Flavored Popcorn, Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Disney Sea, Family, Travel, Mickey Mouse, Souvenir
Our favorite, Milk Chocolate popcorn

? White Chocolate | ホワイトチョコレート

There wasn’t quite enough flavor to this popcorn to recognize it was more than salt. On occasion you’d get a bite that would remind you it was slightly sweet, but it wasn’t strong enough to detect exactly what that something was.

Grab it if it’s in your vicinity, but chose another cart if that one is also within distance. 

? Salt |

Imagine popcorn with salt on it, and you’ve got yourself the right idea when it comes to what this popcorn tastes like. 

This is your typical popcorn flavor enjoyed the world over. Classic. Gabriel, who never wants anything more than plain cheesecake and plain chocolate chip cookies, loved this one. 

? Black Pepper | ブラックペッパー

Black Pepper flavored popcorn at Tokyo is very similar to salt. It’s not at all spicy like you might expect. It does offer a slightly greater punch than salt, but if you were blindfolded and offered a taste of both black pepper and salt, I reckon you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. 

If you are Gabriel and feeling a little risky, you could opt for Black Pepper and be 100% satisfied.

Black Pepper, Flavored Popcorn, Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Disney Sea, Family, Travel, Mickey Mouse, Souvenir
Black Pepper Popcorn

? Soy Sauce and Butter | 醤油とバター

Doesn’t the name of this, Soy Sauce and Butter, just roll off the tongue? If you say it right you could probably convince someone Japanese you are from Boston. You should get this flavor just so you can announce you got this flavor in a weird accent at parties.

We really liked this flavor; but we didn’t like it enough to finish the box. It was mild, savory and salty.

? Caramel |キャラメル

I’m utterly convinced the caramel flavored popcorn at Tokyo Disneyland is straight kettle corn. Our oldest daughter, Miss Pie, thought it was the very best!  Every time she spotted a flavored popcorn stand, she ran up to check if it was caramel. 

It’s got a stamp of approval from a six year old. What else do you need?

? Honey | はちみつ

Honey was our second favorite popcorn flavor, next to Milk Chocolate. As far as sweetness goes, we preferred it over caramel. It had just the right hint of honey, with a touch of vanilla.

Our baby, Miss Eclair, was a huge fan of this one. She also likes to eat honey straight out of the jar, just like Winnie the Pooh, so go figure. 

Honey, Flavored Popcorn, Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Disney Sea, Family, Travel, Mickey Mouse, Souvenir
Honey Popcorn cart located conveniently near the Winnie the Pooh ride (photo courtesy of Disney Food Blog)

► Ranking: #stinkydiaper

And now what you’ve been waiting for. These are our #stinkydiaper flavors.

? Herb Tomato | ハーブトマト

This delicious spaghetti popcorn tastes like the popcorn was stirred in a bowl with a can of tomato paste. 

Here’s an idea. Mix Herb Tomato with Salt and let us know if you still don’t want to barf.

? Curry | カレー

The smell alone was actually worse than the flavor, but the flavor was pretty bad too.

The curry popcorn at Tokyo Disney tastes like it’s tossed in heavy amounts of cumin with a touch of coriander and turmeric. Gabriel, who is a huge curry fan, even couldn’t get past the overly heavy synthetic spice flavor. 

Flavored Popcorn, Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Disney Sea, Family, Travel, Mickey Mouse, Curry, Souvenir
Overly stinky location of the Curry popcorn cart

? Barbeque | バーベキュー

The one time the deep south has let me down is when Tokyo Disneyland tried to emulate a popcorn flavor that tastes like BBQ ribs.

This putrescent popcorn reeked of stale tex mex mix spices. If there is one thing Asia doesn’t understand, it’s Southern BBQ.  

► For Kids: Yes! They’ll love trying all the new flavors and sharing their opinion of how it tastes.

What is your favorite flavored popcorn at Tokyo Disney? Or which flavor would you want to try most? Check out our review of Tokyo Disneyland, and our ranking of every Disney park across the globe.

What we learned: Cumin doesn’t belong on, or anywhere near, popcorn!

Check out our hilarious podcast all about true Disney popcorn fandom and what it really means when you go to Toyko Disneyland!

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Nap-time Version: Disney offers over 10 different flavors of popcorn to try between both Tokyo Disney parks. Flavors are offered seasonally, and change periodically. From chocolate to curry read all about the best and worst flavors, including the flavors that you wish you could have…

Everything You Need to Know About the Crazy Popcorn Flavors at Tokyo Disneyland
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