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The Heian Shrine Torii Gate in Kyoto

Our family loved our trip to Japan! During the month we stayed we traveled between Hiroshima, Kyoto, Tokyo Disney Resort and wrapped up our trip in the most populated city in the world – Tokyo! This country has everything including rich history, gorgeous geography, religious shrines and temples, vibrant downtown cities and is full of life and Japanese culture.

Family Adventure #54

One day as we were riding the local train in Kyoto, a woman in her late 70’s boarded the train with a tour group of similar people. She sat down next to us and struck up a conversation. She said she’d always wanted to travel, and always wanted to come to Japan, but, “she’d never have thought to bring kids here!”

► Ranking: #cleandiaper

Take a look at our first Diapers On A Plane Vlog where we (briefly) talk about all the things we loved in this amazing country!

►For Kids: Amazing place to teach kids world history, cultural significance, impacts of war, religious traditions, and expose them to contrasting ways of living in a post modern world with many of the same comforts of home.  

Sites and Attractions:



Restaurants and Eateries:

Mister Donut
Ninja Akasaka

Culture in Japan:

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Language Barrier, I Think I’m Turning Japanese
Riding the Local Metro and JR
Riding the Bullet Train
10 Things You Need To Know About Riding the Shinkansen
Grocery Shopping in Japan
5 Steps to Using a Squat Toilet
How to Shower in a Japanese Tub as an American
How to Read Signs in Japanese
(Mormon) LDS Church in Japan


Yes, Hi-Chews Are Better in Japan and Other Favorite Snacks and Drinks

More About Japan:

All Nippon Airways
Travel With Joemama

►Nap-Time Version: Watch the videos for a brief overview of our adventures in Japan! And check out the links for all our #cleandiaper & #stinkydiaper reviews! 


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