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World school!

We didn’t know how good we had it. This was our first airbnb experience in Japan, and we didn’t fully appreciate the fusion of amenities we were offered. We didn’t yet appreciate that traditional Japanese housing offers mats on the floor instead of mattresses, paper for walls, a soaking tub with a bucket instead of a shower, and hand towels for drying your body.

The Perfect Family Airbnb in Hiroshima

This Hiroshima Airbnb was a perfect blend of American style housing with Japanese style housing.

It offered Japanese standards when it came to eating arrangements, bathroom and cleanliness standards and etiquette, garbage sorting, and tight quarters. But, it blended American standards of elevated beds with real mattresses, enclosed showers, and sheetrocked walls.

Ying and yang.

Japanese Shower
True shower!

Ranking: #cleandiaper, so clean it’s almost potty trained

Hiroshima Airbnb

Hiroshima, Japan, Asia
Reserve Room

Hiroshima airbnb for a family
A place to hang out!


This home is an apartment, on the top floor of a three story building. The entry way offers cabinets for shoes to be placed on the top portion, and exchanged for slippers on the bottom shelves. 

There is no elevator, so be prepared to walk and carry all our items to and from for the duration of your stay. 

The apartment is huge by Japanese standards!

There are two bedrooms with doors, full size beds, a western hot shower with a ton of full size towels (yes, it’s worth saying again) a separate dining/sitting room and kitchen, a washing machine and a balcony.


This Hiroshima Airbnb is located directly across the street from the Aeon. The Aeon is like a Super Walmart meets JC Penney. It is two stories and includes a department store, clothing store, groceries, bakery, food court and more. It has everything.

We came here nearly everyday for everything. We got a new stroller here, we were introduced to Japan’s famous crepes here, we got a teeny tiny baby backpack here, we picked up men’s hair gel, found exorbitantly priced fruit, and came every evening for half priced baked goods! 

Kiddy corner to the apartment is a convenience store by the name of Lawson’s. This was a great little place to pick up late night items, waters or juice after the Aeon closed at 9 PM. Sometimes we overestimated how long we were out, and needed some calories late at night after exploring all day. 


The electric railway was just a few blocks down the street. It is easy to walk to, and evern easier to navigate.

We were minutes away from the downtown action, including the Peace Park Memorial and Atomic Bomb Dome Memorial.

Hiroshima airbnb kitchen
Mini kitchen!


We lounged out in this place having no idea how good we had it, and how cramped we would soon be.

The first bedroom had a full size bed, and a semi hard futon, with plenty of blankets. The three kids shared this room with tons of space to play and sleep.

The second room had two full size beds! One for me, and one for Gabriel and plenty of room for the kids when they decided to come bug us in the middle of the night. It was so  comfortable! Especially compared to our other airbnb experience in Tokyo…

Both rooms had a wall mounted air conditioner that could be set to a preferred temperature with a remote control.

A mini kitchen made up the cooking area including a mini fridge and a cook top. It wasn’t huge, but it suited us, as we weren’t making meals. This is as good as you’ll find in most Japanese apartments considering most Japanese do not cook frequently at home.

The toilet was in a separate room across the hall from the shower and vanity.

A living room was also the dining room, with a small play area for the kids.

There is a small TV in the living/eating area, but we were out and about so much that we didn’t use it, and we didn’t miss it.

Bedrooms in Japan
Real beds!

Japanese Etiquette

Shoes were not allowed in this Japanese home, but slippers were provided at the entrance, and a closet for you to stow your shoes.

In Japan, you wear house slippers and you wear bathroom slippers. This apartment provided separate bathroom slippers.

You also sort your garbage.


In Japan, there are a lot of rules to sorting and throwing away garbage. The shortest explanation is that is it compost, recycling, and waste. At this Hiroshima airbnb we were asked to sort our garbage, but they provided detailed instructions to figure it out.

The host also offered pocket wifi and all the amenities including kitchen necessities and kids toys. Above all, it was clean.

We had no issues, but the host was available had we needed anything!


This is a definite recommendation from us!

If you are planning a trip to Hiroshima, this is a great find! It’s great for a family, a couple, or a small group of friends. It’s priced fairly, is in a great location, and spacious and roomy! 

For Kids: This Hiroshima Airbnb is a great blend of America and Japan providing comfort, space and privacy. There are even toys and puzzles in the sitting room for kids to play with.

Hiroshima airbnb family room

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What We Learned: Housing in Japan varies wildly!

What is the most unique accommodations you’ve stayed in? For us, it was a treehouse tent in Costa Rica!

Nap-time Version: This is the perfect Hiroshima airbnb for your family, and the only one you should book when you go to Hiroshima.

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