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Views of the entire valley in Costa Rica

There is a reason people talk ad nauseum about Costa Rica. It is stunning, it is beautiful, it is peaceful, and it is breathtaking. But, it is also none of those things because the English language cannot capture what Costa Rica contains within its boundaries. One thing is for sure, Costa Rica is a playground for the adventurous, young and old. There are volcanoes and beaches, rainforests and animal sanctuaries, and it doesn’t disappoint with the scenery either. Fresh coconut, mango, banana and papayas trees dot the land. Coming down from the Poas volcano our family tasted the most decadent strawberries I’ve ever had – and I’m from Oregon!

Ranking: #cleandiaper

The locals live by the law of the land: ‘Pura Vida’. This translates to the pure life, but it means much more. It means slow down, enjoy life and be calm. This is just a snippet of Costa Rica! You can go again and again and never tire of what this country has to offer.

For Kids: Excellent location for kids! Everything here will peak their imagination and serve as a playground for their souls. They can run, play, yell, and explore to their hearts content. This is the perfect beach and mountain trip all rolled up into one. Our children are still asking to go back, and my son recently asked me if we could have a Mommy and Son play date there, just the two of us.

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Nap-Time Version: Costa Rica is definitely a location you want to visit at some point in your life. This country is rich with culture, teeming with beautiful scenery and full of life. Pura Vida!