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Tokyo was the last stop on our Japan trip. We previously spent time in Hiroshima, and Kyoto, and in Kyoto we told the kids a spontaneous bedtime story about Konichiwa Kitty and Sayonara Dog. Gabriel told the story and I sang the song, which I determined later ended up sounding a lot like the tune of Keep the Commandments....
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The Japanese don’t shower per se, they rinse off and then they soak. This cultural norm dates back to the days of public baths, or onsen, which still exist. Due to the fact that the typical body frame of a Japanese person is small - not just thin, but shorter, accordingly tubs in Japan are tall and deep, but...
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Our family loved our trip to Japan! During the month we stayed we traveled between Hiroshima, Kyoto, Tokyo Disney Resort and wrapped up our trip in the most populated city in the world - Tokyo! This country has everything including rich history, gorgeous geography, religious shrines and temples, vibrant downtown cities and is full of life and Japanese culture.  One...

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