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This year, our family is headed to Orlando to celebrate with Mickey Mouse and Company at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party as part of our Halloween festivities. We’ll be masquerading as Guardians of the Galaxy!

Dad will be dressing up in a Star-Lord Halloween Costume! What would family Guardians of the Galaxy costumes be without Peter Quill himself?

The answer is nothing. The Guardians of the Galaxy would be nothing without Peter Quill, and as a family we’d be nothing without a Peter Quill Costume. You thought I was going to say Gabriel, didn’t you? Our family would be nothing without him either!

Yondu vs. Star Lord

Gabriel grew up reading these comic books and has always loved the Guardians of the Galaxy. He was so stoked when he found out they were finally making a movie with all these wacky characters!

When trying to decide which character was his favorite, he went back and forth between Yondu and Star-Lord. Ultimately he didn’t want to paint himself blue, so Star-Lord won out!

I know. Why was this even a question?

Family Guardians of the Galaxy Halloween Costumes!

The rest of the family will be dressing up in Guardians attire as follows:

Star-Lord Guardians of the Galaxy EmojiDad will be Ravager: Peter Quill, better known as Star-Lord

Rocket Guardians of the Galaxy EmojiBig Brother will be Profane and Irreverent Bio-engineered Rocket Raccoon

Mantis Guardians of the Galaxy EmojiMom will be Empathetic Insectoid Being: Mantis

Gamora Guardians of the Galaxy EmojiBig Sister will be The Most Dangerous Woman in the Universe: Gamora

Groot Guardians of the Galaxy EmojiLittle Sister will be Flora Colossus Groot from Planet X

Yeah… we know our stuff. #SuperFans (Emojis by Aleksandar Savic)

Star-Lord Peter Quill Halloween Costume

This Star-Lord Halloween Costume is pretty easy to put together.

Peter Quill Costume Star Lord Jacket
All the supplies you’ll need for a Star-Lord Halloween Costume

Everything you Need

  • Ravagers Jacket
  • Yeah Baby T-Shirt
  • Space Blaster Gun
  • Star Lord Helmet

Ravagers Jacket

The best Star Lord Jacket you’re going to find anywhere is from a New York based company. FJackets, which is short for Film Jackets, makes high quality clothing including cosplay costumes. Their merchandise ranges from Pokeman to Stranger Things and everything else.

When it comes to Star Lord Jackets they sell a Star Lord Volume II Jacket, a Star Lord Infinity War Endgame Jacket, and a Star Lord full length jacket.

We chose the Star Lord Jacket from Volume II because it’s badass.

There are no words to express how badass this jacket is.

It fits like a glove, it’s warm, it’s distressed in all the right places, and it’s sharp looking. This is my favorite jacket.

Family Hint: Use this coupon code: 10OFF or SAVE10 to save 10% off your order!
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Guardians of the Galaxy (in case you didn’t know)

Ravagers T-Shirt

We purchased Peter Quill’s Yeah Baby Costume t-shirt, also from FJackets.

The shirt is nice the first time you wear it, but it falls apart after the first wash. You’d probably be able to come up with something nicer with a vinyl patch and an iron on. Or…, just never wash it.

Star Lord: Peter Quill Costume Extras

This same company sells pants, boots and gloves. We just opted for some standard boots and jeans from our closet, because you never really notice Star Lord wearing them.

If you want to be extra legit, check out everything they offer – including waterproof pants and a fake walkman – here.

Star Lord Helmet

When it comes to Star Lord’s helmet, you’ve got two choices.

  • A plastic Star Lord helmet. This is a child’s size, but it fit fine. It’s never going to last more than one night, and you’ll have to cut out the eyes if you want to wear it to Walt Disney World.
  • A polyester Star Lord helmet with lights. We didn’t try this one out, but it’s $42 freaking dollars for polyester:

True, while he doesn’t wear the helmet that often in the films, it’s so essential to who Star Lord is. He wouldn’t be Star Lord without it, heck, he wouldn’t even be alive without it.

  • It’s his first line of defense
  • Allows him to breathe
  • Offers life support functions
  • Acts as an oxygen purification system,
  • Supplies back up oxygen supply
  • Regulates air pressure & atmosphere
  • Has built in communications technology
  • Is tied to his exterior gadgets
  • Provides thermal vision
  • Increases his reflex time
  • Protects his head

Space Blaster Guns

Star Lords Quad Blaster Guns are also an essential part of the Peter Quill costume ensemble.

There is a $200 version.
Or a $12 version.

Guess which one we chose? We picked up the same Space Blaster Guns for our little dude’s Rocket Raccoon costume as well.

Star-Lord Halloween Costume

  • Ravagers Jacket: $129
  • Yeah Baby Shirt: $19
  • Mask: $9.73
  • Space Blaster Guns: $12.68
Total Cost: $170.41

This outlaw is ready to finally figure out who is father is, and then the beat the living crap out of him!

Goal for Star Lord: Peter Quill Halloween Costume

Star-Lord Halloween Costume, Guardians of the Galaxy, Halloween Costume Tutorial, Diapers on a plane, diapersonaplane, traveling with kids, creating family memories, family travel

Reality for Star Lord: Peter Quill Halloween Costume

Peter Quill Halloween Costume Star Lord Jacket

For Kids: Every Rocket needs a Groot. Every Groot needs a Star Lord. Every Star Lord needs a Gamora. Family costumes are the way to show the world that you really love your family.

Are you team family costumes? What’s your favorite family costume you’ve ever seen, or dressed up as?

What We Learned: This Star Lord Jacket is the coolest thing we’ll probably ever own.

Where are you celebrating Halloween this year? Do you live in a full size candy bar kind of neighborhood? Or do you have to travel to get the best candy?

Nap-Time Version: Including a killer Star Lord Jacket, this is everything you need to know to pull together a DIY Star Lord: Peter Quill Halloween Costume from Guardians of the Galaxy!

Starlord Halloween Costume, Guardians of the Galaxy, Halloween Costume Tutorial, Diapers on a plane, diapersonaplane, traveling with kids, creating family memories, family travel
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For more of our costume tutorials, diy props and general interest on Guardians fandom, check out how we pieced together the rest of our family costumes!


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