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Before children ever joined our family we took a three week camping trip through five states, explored NYC on a weekend whim finding flights for $99 each way and a friend flies free, and crossed the Canadian border in a 1983 Nissan Sentra that had a broken latch on the trunk that we fastened with a bungee cord.

Then I started working for an airline, four kids came along, and nothing changed except now we are packing diapers on a plane! 

diapers on a plane

“The experiences we have gained by traveling around the world so far, are priceless,” said every person who ever traveled away from home.

It’s not that we are doing anything unique, or have stumbled across some holy grail, it’s just that we are here sharing our stories. And most of those stories are about us bumbling through different cultures making a bunch of idiotic mistakes along the way. Our stories are hilarious, and so are diapers on a plane. 

We share our stories on this blog for a couple reasons. Sure, maybe someday we’ll make more than a $100; that would be ideal, but we are not ironing out itineraries and churning out top 10 lists for SEO rankings.

These are our stories, and I want to remember. I want something tangible that can’t burn in a fire. I want something backed up that I don’t have to rescue if our photos drown in a flood. That, and I think they are amazing stories that everyone on the planet should want to read. Call me delusional, I don’t know. 

We are Gabriel and Catherine. I can’t even remember when we met, but we’ve been married since 2002. The twins were born in 2011, and like every new parent we started asking ourselves hard questions like, “How are we going to raise actual human beings?” 

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When we first started traveling, we were amazed at the journey of discovery that travel takes you on. We unearthed a realization that we didn’t know what we didn’t know. When we brought the kids, those realizations grew.

We asked ourselves: What education do we want for our children? What view of philosophy, people, and cultures do we want them to learn; what view of the world do we want to give our children? We decided to abandon the public school model to teach our children about the real world, in the real world. We call it world schooling.

By no means are we the only parent’s doing this. And by no means are we shaping up to be the perfect parents, or even pretend that we are. Parenting is hard! We make mistakes every single day, but we are trying. Our kids are trying to be good, and we are trying to be good to them. We’re on this journey together, and we travel with diapers on a plane because we are a family. 

We are Diapers On A Plane. Mom and Dad, plus four kids that range from 9 years old down to 2. We’ve been to a lot of countries, a lot of cities, we’ve had a lot of experiences, and we intend to have more. More experiences, more food, and yes, more kids if we can. 

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