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We are hard on our luggage. I’m talking babies use them for teething, toddlers ride on them like scooters, they serve as toys during “going on vacation” play time, and then on top of all that, we travel a lot. I’m talking at least once a month, and like everyone else on the planet we love not checking a bag.

We were down to just 2 suitcases when Michael reached out to us from Chester Luggage, and asked us if we wanted to review their brand new Chester Minima Carry on.  

Yes, please! 

Our Pick for the Best Hardside Luggage on the Market! The Chester Minima! Get free shipping plus a discount code!
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Best Hardside Luggage
Carry On For Kids:
Chester Luggage Review 

I’ll just say straight out of the gate, we love this luggage. It’s definitely the nicest luggage we’ve ever owned! There are plenty of reasons to love it, and probably more than six, but these are definitely the six most important! 

Ranking: #cleandiaper

Chester Minima Carry-On Spinner Suitcase
Chester Travels
Customer Support

Reason #1: It Won’t Break On the First Trip

Remember how I said we were down to 2 suitcases? We’ve had a lot of suitcases break, or we’ve broken a lot of suitcases? I’m not sure which is more accurate, but we are cheap. The reason for me telling you this is it helps put into context how we know the Chester Luggage is quality.  

The last suitcase we bought, we took brand new just minutes after buying it at Ross, on a three part Christmas adventure. It cracked open on the first leg of the trip; before we even set foot on our Disney cruise in Texas; and we still had a flight to Norway plus a second cruise on the Hurtigruten once we arrived, and an epic flight home to get through. 

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Piece of crap knock off Ross luggage

When we got home, of course, we couldn’t find the receipt. That means we could return it. I didn’t say smart, I said cheap. 

Reason #2: Chester Luggage is Durable Enough as a Carry On For Kids 

For the twins 5th birthday we decided to buy them each their own carry on luggage to be responsible for. Widmore got a wheeled Avengers luggage, and Pie got an Elsa Frozen spinner. Pie’s broke within a year, and Widmore’s fell apart at the base a short while later. 

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See the little one? She’s screaming, “Why Didn’t You Buy Me Chester Luggage!”

Kids aren’t great at actually pulling their own luggage. They are great, however, at sitting on their luggage while we pull it. Adding an extra 40 pounds to a suitcase already packed full of fruit leathers and pretzels is extra heavy, and not all luggage is up to the task. 

This Chester Luggage is durable enough as a carry on for kids. It’s got a wide top for sitting, and four perfectly balanced wheels to distribute the added weight. Plus, it only weighs 7 pounds – so some kids who are more obedient than ours, might actually be able to pull it. 

After buying Widmore’s Avenger’s luggage, I vowed to never again own luggage that isn’t a four wheeled spinner. This Chester Luggage is a match! It doesn’t topple over like many bags, and is lightweight enough for kids to carry up and down the stairs during a game of “let’s go to the North Mountain to find Elsa.”

Also, this luggage comes with a 100 day trial, plus free returns! So, if your kid breaks it in the first 3 months…? Yes, that’s legit! And I quote, this luggage is “flexible enough to survive even high falls”. 

Baby Chewing on Handle of Chester Luggage
Chester Luggage is delicious

They have pictures on their website of fully grown adults sitting on their luggage! My 40 pound toddler doesn’t weigh nearly as much as their waify luggage models, which is why I have sealed a blood oath to promote this Chester Luggage until my dying breath. 

Woman sitting on Chester Luggage
I’m questioning reality (courtesy of Chester Travel)

Can you say waterproof? It’s another amazing feature. I’ll definitely be looking for ways to insert the phrase: polycarbonate material more into my everyday speech. 

Reason #3: It’s Large Enough for a Weekend Trip

The bag measures 21.5” x 13.5” x 8.5, which means in short, you don’t have to take a thousand bags to fly to Disneyland for the day. You can fit personal items on one side and three or more fully loaded outfits on the other side, and still carry it in the cabin

It’s large enough that you don’t even have to watch any pro packing video tips, or pull out the vacuum pack sealer just so you can fit what you need in your carry on. 


The Chester Luggage is also double sided and both sides close with a zipper pocket. This is one of my favorite features. There are no loose items threatening to disappear when a 4 year old decides she can’t leave the luggage alone and has to check one more time if I packed her favorite hatchimal.

Reason #4: The Handle Goes up and Back Down Like Buttah 

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve stupidly stood in the aisle of an airplane trying to get the handle back down on my suitcase, while the line backs up behind me and I can hear everyone behind me sighing and rolling their eyes.

Yes, I can hear them rolling their eyes. 

It’s not long before the Flight Attendant comes sauntering over asking, “Do You Need Some Help?” It’s mere moments before they are looking equally stupid trying to cram the handle back down, and regretting they didn’t take a job at the local Target bagging groceries. 

Cheap Flights from Seoul to Jeju
They are laughing at how stupid we are

Then Gabriel walks over like I can’t possibly figure out how to press a button and push to get the handle down. Now there are three people in the aisle of the aircraft looking like morons. This is my life, or at least it used to be.  

If you don’t know this is a feature you need in a suitcase, let me tell you, it is. Not only that, but the handle on the Chester Minima has multiple height adjustments for short kids to tall parents. 

The next reason this Chester Luggage is the best hardside luggage? 

Reason #5: It Can Stand up to the Rigors of Weekend Camping

Yes, true story, we decided to truly give this suitcase a once over and test it in real world conditions. We took our brand new suitcase camping, just so we could give it a good ol’ Chester Luggage Review once over.

Tent Set up at Anderson Cove Campground with the perfect suitcase carry on for kids
Perfect Carry On For Kids

It was just one night up Ogden Canyon at Anderson Cove Campground. We had planned on staying two nights, but someone moved into the campsite next door and decided to blast music that only people who are high on drugs play, when they are coasting through their latest hit. So, we packed up and left before bedtime. 

But not before we, and our Chester Luggage, took a stroll on the beach.

Beach Day Use at Anderson Cove Campground
Soaking up them rays…

Cooked some sausage in a fish cooker.

Morning Breakfast Cooked Over a Fire
Watch out! Don’t burn the brand new luggage!

Played a game of camouflage hide and seek, and… 

Helped us roasted some marshmallows. Yeah, if you didn’t know a luggage was capable of doing all that, then you haven’t purchased the best hardside luggage on the market. 

Roasting Marshmallows Camping with Chester Luggage
S’mores are almost as delicious as the luggage itself

Reason #6: Chester Luggage Comes With a Laundry Bag

At first sight we knew the Chester Minima was quality. It came inside two boxes and then inside a laundry bag. That’s right! When you buy Chester Luggage, you also get a free laundry clothes bag with your purchase. 

And that laundry bag is going to come in handy after a weekend of camping and all your clothes smelling like B.O. and campfire smoke. 

Baby in a Large Camping Chair
The suitcase is watching guard over the baby

Just kidding, there is no way we took this suitcase camping. This is the nicest suitcase we’ve ever owned. 

  • Luggage comes in glossy beautiful and stylish muted hues from gray to blue, plus a light pink.
  • It’s a great size; small enough to fit in the overhead compartment while still being incredibly spacious.
  • Made of polycarbonate material, so it’s super durable, plus polycarbonate material is fun to say.
  • Zippered closures on both easements of the bag to hold everything in.
  • Comes with Free Shipping!
  • We’re offering you a 10% Off Discount Code! (Keep reading!)
  • Plus, so much more…

For Kids: The Chester Luggage is the best carry on for kids we’ve ever shared with them. It works great as a makeshift toddler wagon when they are tired of pulling/walking. It’s the perfect Elsa blue, and it’s big enough for special blankets and toys that babies can’t fathom being separated from.

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Interested in buying this Chester Luggage? For the record, we totally think you should. Buy the Chester Minima Carry-On Spinner Suitcase direct! Using our link you can get free 2 day shipping, plus 10% off when you add the code 10AF. The usual disclaimer applies that we get an affiliate kickback, and you don’t pay any extra. 

With our discount code, it’s cheaper than buying Chester Luggage on Amazon, but you do you.  

Nap-Time Version: The Chester Luggage Minima is the best hardside luggage and best carry on for kids we’ve had the pleasure of calling our own. 

Our Pick for the Best Hardside Luggage on the Market! The Chester Minima! Get free shipping plus a discount code!
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The greatest luggage you’ve never taken camping will also serve you well on a trip to see Kim Jong Un at the DMZ in Korea, when you go eat the most magnificent 100 layer donuts in Nashville, or when you go visit Captain Jack Sparrow on Disney’s Castaway Cay.