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Tokyo is an expensive city, and when the hotels charge per person, instead of per room, you can imagine how things add up when you add three kids to the bill. One way to offset these costs is by booking an airbnb, which we really enjoyed during the rest of our trip to Japan. But when it came to Disney, we wanted to have the Disney experience, so we booked our stay at the Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel. 

Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel

Japan, 〒279-8502 Chiba Prefecture, Urayasu, Akemi, 7−1−1
Tokyo Disneyland Themepark
+81 47-381-1188
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Tokyo Celebration Discover Hotel Tokyo Disneyland Japan Asia
Welcome Home! Tokyo Celebration Discover Hotel (photo courtesy of

► Ranking: #wetdiaper

Directions: Disney provides very detailed directions on how to get to the hotel, but we opted to take the JR to the Disneyland stop and hop on the free shuttles the hotel provides to/from the parks. This was super easy! Each bus is equipped with a luggage rack and runs a circuit every 15 minutes.

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Tokyo Disney Shuttle Bus to/from parks

On the Disney scale of accommodations, this ranks as a value resort. Tokyo doesn’t have any moderate resorts, but does offer an additional three deluxe resorts at the Tokyo franchise, with a price tag to match.

There are two Disney Celebration hotels; Wish that is wonderland themed and intended to evoke passion for wandering and Discover is pirate themed intended to evoke adventure. We stayed at the Discover hotel in a quintet room with two twin beds, a bunk bed, and a daybed starting at ¥15,000 yen.

Tokyo Celebration Discover Hotel Tokyo Disneyland Japan Asia Traveling Family
Explorer Mickey! The centerpiece of the Discover Lobby

We visited both hotels during our sojourn and found they are very similar with only slightly different motifs. These hotels offer a well stocked convenience store (unless it’s after park closing), a small breakfast buffet (additional price), a laundry room, and either teacups or a pirate ship to play on in the lobby in addition to a small TV playing Mickey cartoons, however, they do not offer swimming pools, playgrounds, gardens, a nursery, etc.  

Tokyo Celebration Discover Hotel Tokyo Disneyland Japan Asia Traveling Family
Pirate ships and canoes to play on in the lobby

We were in Japan just under a month, and so we utilized the laundry rooms onsite at the Celebration Hotel. The washers did a decent job, but it took no less than 3 cycles to get anything comparably dry. By the time we finished our last few loads of laundry we skipped the dryers and brought them back to the room to dry. The quintet room afforded us lots of places to hang clothes out to dry, including a mini clothes rack at the foot of the kids bottom bunk. I also appreciated the dimming lights, and the over the bed lamps which helped enable our children stay asleep while we were sorting, folding and hanging laundry. Of course, dryers that work would have been even nicer.

Tokyo Celebration Discover Hotel Tokyo Disneyland Japan Asia Traveling Family
Hallway with painting of the Journey to the Center of the Earth ride in Disney Sea

The room was very small. There wasn’t a lot of room to move around, stow luggage, room for kids to play, but it was clean and did the trick. Considering we came to Disneyland, to go to Disneyland, it was just right. All the same, we came to Disneyland, to go to Disneyland, and this park was… So. Far. Away. It was a minimum of 20 minutes, based on the bus driver, one way. It was just too far to be reasonable.

Tokyo Celebration Discover Hotel Tokyo Disneyland Japan Asia Traveling Family
Our quintet room with 5 beds, and bathroom

There are definite perks of staying at any Disney property at Tokyo. The parks have a tendency to sell out, and you can be denied the opportunity to buy tickets, unless you stay at a Disney property where you are guaranteed entry even if the park is at capacity. Also, Tokyo Disney does not offer a park hopper unless you are on day 3 of your visit, that is unless you stay at a Disney property. For an additional charge you can upgrade a day 1 or day 2 ticket to a park hopper.

Tokyo Disneyland Celebration Hotel Discover Japan Asia Traveling Family
Decorations and models located throughout the lobby

► For Kids: Absolutely! Anything Mickey Mouse is always a win for kids.

With all that said, on our next visit we’ll be staying at a deluxe property. Have you stayed at the Tokyo Celebration Hotel? What did you think? 

► Nap-time Version: The Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel just wasn’t anything special. We would compare it to the All Star Resorts in Orlando. There was no big draw, and there was nothing particularly unique about the surroundings. It was, of course, specifically Disney, but it didn’t have any grand theming, alluring amenities, or anything inviting to draw our family back. And it was just too far away from the parks. We have stayed at a lot of Disney properties throughout the world, so we have a bit to compare it to (all coming soon!), and this, well, it falls short.

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