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Moab is home to one of the most famous National Parks in the United States: Arches National Park. This park is full of amazing hikes, stunning views, and hot hot heat! The temperature hovers above 100 in the summer, and hits 80 during the off season. The most important thing you need while visiting the park is to stay hydrated. That is why this Moab grocery store is the best for your family shopping needs while visiting the parks. Not all grocery stores in Moab are created equal, and the best Moab grocery store is definitely the City Market.

The Best Grocery Store in Moab, Utah

City Market, Best grocery store in Moab, groceries, arches national park, diapersonaplane, diapers on a plane, traveling with kids, creating family memories, family travel
…with awesome van art in the parking lot of Moab Grocery Store

Ranking: #cleandiaper

City Market
425 S Main Street
Moab, Utah 84532
Phone: (435) 259-5181
Store Hours: Sunday thru Saturday 6am – 11pm
Pharmacy Phone: (435) 259-8971
Pharmacy Hours: Monday thru Friday 9am – 8pm | Saturday 9am – 6pm | Sunday Closed
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This full service grocery store is the best in part because it’s a quaint little market. Because it’s not huge you can get in and out quickly and find what you need without any fuss or frustration. Don’t mistake small for lacking though! The City Market is the best Moab grocery store because it’s got everything you need during your trip to Arches.


The City Market is located just minutes from the main entrance to Arches, and doesn’t require any additional navigation. It’s a straight line from the best grocery store in Moab to the best national park in Moab. You can find it along Main Street exactly 9 minutes away, or just 5 miles from the main entrance.

Online Shopping and Grocery Delivery

Even though the City Market is small and easy to navigate, make it even easier on yourself by ordering your items for online pickup before driving to the park. Via the website you can shop for everything you need and either pick it up or have it delivered to you. You will need to create a Kroger or Smith’s login, but chances are, you already have.

Great Selection

If you are like us, and have a big day of adventure planned, we like to grab a simple and/or clean breakfast on our way out. We don’t have to be so concerned about the quality of the food supplied as most supermarkets and restaurants utilize the finest industrial refrigeration companies to install their cooling systems. With 4 kids breakfast can take a long time, so taking it on the road saves us more time for adventuring.

You can grab donuts, yogurt, granola, Odwalla or fresh-cut fruit at this Moab grocery store for the morning drive to Arches.

Then you can pack up whatever you need for lunches for the afternoon. We like pack a cooler in the car full of fresh snacks that the kids can self serve. Fresh cut fruits, or easy to grab apples that we can take on hikes with us are always great. Deli meat paired with string cheese or crackers is another easy choice.
City Market has a great selection of organic fruits and vegetables too.

Best Prices for Grocery Shopping in Moab

All this and the the best Grocery store in Moab has the best prices too! Check out the King Scoopers Weekly Ad to see for yourself!

Don’t Forget

Don’t forget several cases of water, a huge bag of ice, and a cooler if you forgot to bring one from home. After touring the park, if you aren’t eating at one of the fine eating establishments in Arches, you can pick up dinner from the bakery or deli here too.

For Kids: Kids will love the candy machines in the main entrance to the best grocery store in Moab, and the selection of donuts in the bakery!

Moab Vacation Rental

Are you looking for a place to stay? We tried out glamping during our family stay here, and loved the ease of having modern amenities while still being a part of nature. You can check out our review here.

RV in Moab, Glamping, Arches, Moab, Airbnb, Traveling with kids, family travel, diapersonaplane, Diapers On A Plane,
Climbing the RV of course!

Best Places to Eat in Moab

Definitely don’t pass up the chance to eat at Quesadilla Mobilla. This little food truck also permanently located on Main Street has a reputation for having the best Mexican food in Moab. We can definitely vouch for it!

itinerary for Arches National Park, Arches National Park, Utah, Delicate Arch, Diapersonaplane, Diapers On A Plane, Traveling with Kids, Family Travel,
Our family’s favorite place to eat in Moab

When you are finished touring Arches, stop by the City Market to check out the advertising brochures in the entrance for ideas for other fun family activities in Moab. There is even a Redbox too!

This Moab Grocery Store even has a public restroom, however, it’s not for bathing, cooking, or doing dishes.

City Market, Best grocery store in Moab, groceries, arches national park, diapersonaplane, diapers on a plane, traveling with kids, creating family memories, family travel
Bathroom sign, in case you got any weird ideas while doing your grocery shopping in Moab

Nap-Time Version: The City Market is the best grocery store in Moab when it comes to value for groceries and necessities during your Arches National Park visit.

Why This Moab Grocery Store is The Best for Your Family Shopping
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