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We love to test out the local treats in every place we visit. As a former baking blogger with kids, this ranks high in importance. When we travel, we like to experience life as a local, and surveying a destination in every aspect. We simply have to know if the treats measures up. Our Family's Favorite Treats in Japan Hi-Chews The first...
Trukkar Og Tæki, Books in Iceland, Children's Books, Children's Book in Iceland, Christmas Traditions, Christmas in Iceland, diapersonaplane, Diapers on a plane, creating family memories, family travel, traveling with kids
We started a tradition the year we went to Iceland: Buy a book in each place we visit. We started this tradition in Iceland, specifically, because we celebrated Christmas here and it is an Icelandic tradition to give or get a new book on Christmas Eve and spend the night reading it. This practice is called jólabókaflóð. We absolutely...

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