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What do you buy for the person that has everything? If you are struggling to find the best gift for the Mom in your life, this list has you covered! No matter if you are shopping for your Mom, your Grandma, your sister or your wife, all 13 of these gifts for women are perfect! This list is full of the best gifts that every single woman is sure to love!

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Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Moms!

#1: Cozy Fleece Chenille Bathrobe 

This is one of the best gifts for mom because it’s practical, but also perfect. Trust me, she won’t see it as practical. A luxurious robe like this feels nothing but amazing. It’s the perfect gift to give with a Detox Foot Bath, or a Luxury Bath Caddy. All gifts that will pamper her with thoughtfulness and love.

Chenille Bathrobe

This robe offers full body coverage while being soft and cozy. It’s easy to throw on and will keep her warm in the early morning or late at night. As a mom, someone is always yelling at me to do something for them, and this is a something great to have to be able to grab when I have to quickly run out of my room to attend to something.

#2: Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

Nothing says ‘I Love You’ like a massage. My husband got me this massager this year and it has changed my life. I sleep better, I feel better, and I absolutely love it. It is portable so you can use it anywhere in the house, and it even comes with a 12V charger so you can take it in the car with you. I seriously was not expecting much when I unpackaged it, but this works out all the tension in your neck. The arm straps give you a comfortable place to rest your hands, but also allows you to control the pressure.

This massager is the perfect gift just for mom because she pretty much spends all day hunched over from cleaning, cooking, changing diapers, nursing babies, stirring and mixing food, picking up toys off the floor, and the list goes on and on. I don’t go a day without using mine!

#3: Handheld Shower Head

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If you don’t have one of these already, you are way overdue. Every woman needs a handheld shower head. I’m not exaggerating. A handheld shower head completely changes the entire shower experience and leaves a woman feeling completely refreshed!

This showerhead from Sparkhead comes with 10 different mode settings, pretty lights, and a filter. It creates a spa like experience in your home shower! Give mom the gift of a long, relaxing hot shower all year long!

#4: Detox Foot Bath

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Moms are on their feet all day long and by the end of the day nothing sounds better than a putting my feet up and not doing anything! The product claims include restoring health and vitality, improving blood circulation, boosting metabolism, detoxifying, and supporting the immune system. The black coils create an electrical charge to stimulate the muscles and nervous system by using ions.

Ignore this terrible photo, this detox foot bath comes with everything! Includes a Free Foot Basin, Controller Unit, 1/4 lb. bag of Celtic Sea Salt, 2 Arrays, 20 Basin Liners, Instruction Manual, Foot Spa Detox Brochure, & 16 page Informational Booklet.

#5: Cute First Aid Kit

Moms need a lot of things when they are packing kids around town, not the least of which is a handy First Aid Kit. Chances are you already have one in your car, but swap that one out for this adorable version. Slim, with a cute print, this First Aid Kit makes a great gift for mom because it’s not only utilitarian but she doesn’t have to feel like a medic when her child gets a slide burn at the local park.

Cute Mom First Aid KitThere is a print for every style and personality from cute bandages that look like gamer controllers, to adorable baby dinosaurs, to floral, camping or boho prints. You can also choose from the 130 piece gokit, or the 260 piece superkit. And get this, they come with stickers for the kiddos too!

#6: Satin Lace Babydoll Nightgown

Every mom I know wishes she could change something about her body. Wishes she was stronger, had more energy, or just wants to feel better in her own skin. The best way to tell the mom in your life that she’s perfect just the way she is to show her how sexy you think she is – without changing anything at all.

This gorgeous lingerie will make her feel great, in more ways than one. After all the kids have finally gone to bed, pull this out in black or red, and show her she’s the woman of your dreams.

#7: Electric Scooter or Moped 

Sometimes all moms need in life is a little bit of fun. These electric scooters, whether you choose one that she can stand up on and zoom around town, or a sit down bike option, this is something that will give her a little thrill. Better yet, this is such a great gift for Mom because she’d likely never buy this for herself.

This is something she can take to the park with the kids, or head out alone and just take a spin around the neighborhood with the wind in her hair. This is one of the best gifts for mom this year to unleash her inner kid.

#8: Diamond Bracelet

This is the gift that will let your wife, or mom, know that you appreciate everything she does all day, day in and day out from sun up to sun up because there is no sun down for moms. There are no quiet nights, or slow days. There are no breaks or vacations, there are no bonuses or raises, there are no days or nights off. Moms can’t even go the bathroom or shower alone! Every moment of a mom’s life is spent in service to her family, her husband and her children. She worries, she frets, she designs, she creates, she breathes life.

This is the best gift for moms because its all you need to tell her that you see her, you hear her, and you love her. She deserves a gift that matches the beauty and care that makes her so incredibly special to you. This is a gift that tells her all the things that you don’t know how to say.

#9: Pregnant Mother Anatomy Jigsaw Puzzle

Show your wife how much you are amazed by her incredible body with this pregnant mother anatomy jigsaw puzzle! This has 488 piece puzzle was designed by a doctor with minute detail and accuracy. It comes with a detailed anatomy guide that helps you learn about the major organs of the human body. The guide is also a great reference for studying anatomy or satisfying your curiosity. As you put together each system that supports pregnancy, you will discover how they work together to create and sustain life!

Not only is this a masterpiece, but when you are done putting the puzzle together you could glue it together, frame it and hang it in the nursery! With incredible detail this is an incredible homage to the wonder of creation and recognition to the most incredible person in your life and all that they have done and are capable of doing.

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#10: Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray

Mom’s never get enough time to themselves. That’s why this is the best gift for mom! Draw her up a warm bath that she can soak in. Fill up the tub with Epsom salts and turn on some comforting music. Then pull out this caddy and set up her favorite drink, an exciting book, fresh flowers, chocolates and a candle on this luxury bathtub caddy. Give her the gift of a night off relaxing, soaking, meditating, and quiet.

Bathtub Caddy

This caddy extends from 29½” to 43” and fits all types and sizes of bathtubs. Comes in a variety of colors and styles and tucks away nicely. The only thing left to do is make sure she isn’t disturbed. Oh, and get her a luxurious chenille robe to wrap her in once she’s done soaking!

#11: Christmas Dishes by Spode

True, it’s not 1950 anymore, but a beautiful set of Christmas Dishes, or matching dishes to set a nice table isn’t a lost art. It’s a beautiful gesture to tell the woman in her life that her incredible cooking is an art and deserves to be on display. Women love to serve their families and their friends and having a beautiful set of dishes to do that, makes the occasion that much more special.

These are perfect for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years. You can use these for a full two months out of the year, or bring them out just on a special occasion. These are just absolutely gorgeous with a beautiful nostalgic Christmas tree! My mother always had her special Christmas dishes and us kids would always get so excited to set a fancy table. Spode Christmas Tree is one of the world’s best known holiday designs designed in England and crafted beautifully. I have so many fond memories of family dinner using our beautiful Christmas dishes!

#12: Caraway Cookware

Cooking is a huge part of any Mom’s busy day, and it’s always a joy to cook in stoneware that will not only make life easier, but is easy to clean, lasts a long time, and has everything you need. Does the mom in your life prefer to cook or bake more? Regardless, Caraway makes high quality non toxic, PTFE & PFOA Free cookware and bakeware.

These come in gorgeous colors like perracotta shown here, marigold, sage or slate that will accentuate any kitchen and go with any color scheme or style. You can go with standard silver, black or cream if that fits you too! Included in this 11-piece bakeware set is a 18×13” baking sheet with handles, 10×15” baking sheet, 12 cup muffin pan, 9×13” rectangle pan with handles, 9” square pan, 1lb loaf pan, two 9” circle pans, 18×13” cooling rack, and two storage organizers.

This set of pots and pans is made for any kitchen and cooktop. They can be used effectively on induction, gas, and electric stovetops, and are oven-safe up to 550ºF, making them great for bread baking and roasts. Included in this 12-piece cookware set is a 10.5″ frying pan, 3 qt. sauce pan with lid, 6.5 qt. dutch oven with lid, 4.5 qt. sauté pan with lid, 4 modular magnetic pan racks and a canvas lid holder with hooks.

#13: Pullover Long Sleeve Ruffle Sweater by Kirundo

This shouldn’t be a secret to anyone: women love new clothes. There is nothing like pulling on a new well fitted sweater or dress to feel your best self. This sweater is gorgeous, it’s perfect for cooler weather and is complimentary on all body types.

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A cozy sweater is a perfect gift for mom to make her feel beautiful but also taken care of. Comes in multiple colors from size small to XXL and is machine washable.

We hope this list helps you find the perfect
gift for mom this gift giving season! Happy Holidays!

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