ultimate Christmas wish list for dads

I don’t know about you, but I have the hardest time finding gifts for my husband. He either already has everything he needs or he’s super picky, and he refuses to give me a list. He always says he just wants to be with his family, which is really endearing, but I can’t wrap that and put it under the tree! If this sounds like the man in your life, this list is for you! I’ve scoured Amazon for the most unique, the most fun, and the absolute coolest gifts that every man is sure to love! This is the ultimate Christmas wish list for dads and husbands.

Best Gifts for Dads and Husbands

Whether your husband is a gamer, a sports guy, a tech nerd, an analyst or an accountant, these are the top 15 best gifts for dads and husbands. Sure, I could make a list of 100 useless gifts, but that would just be filler. This is the ultimate list and every single gift on here is worth your time and consideration.

1. Bio Bidet

When we went to Japan we all fell in love with Japanese toilets. Those are words I literally never thought I’d say, but it’s true. Who knew you could love a toilet? Having a bidet completely changes your life. No more wiping, no more skid marks, no more after residue.

And the bun warmer and dryer take it all to the next level. Trust me when I say you won’t regret making this investment and your husband will flip. This is #1 because it’s the absolute best gifts for dads and husbands!

You can get the Bio Bidet for a round toilet seat, or an elongated one. No plumber required, you can self install this beautiful creature all by yourself. Keep in mind you will need an outlet nearby, but everything else comes included.

2. Rollerblade Office Chair Wheels by The Office Oasis

Imagine roller skating with your office chair. Who wouldn’t love skating across the floor of your work or home office without restriction? There are a ton of great benefits to this unique gift.

ultimate Christmas wish list for dads rollerblade office chair wheels

  1. The Office Oasis is an awesome company. They offer a lifetime warranty that never expires, so if you EVER have any issues, they’ll send you a brand new set of wheels. They are the only brand that offers and stands behind a full lifetime warranty.
  2. These wheels are so impressive you don’t need even need a mat! The wheels are encased with soft, polyurethane material and they are guaranteed not to scratch or leave marks on any surface (including hardwood, carpet, tile, laminate and more).
  3. No tools required! Easily remove and replace the wheels in your desk chair in less than 30 seconds. Simply pull out your old caster wheels and pop these in. Plus, the universal size stem will fit almost every office chair on the market. If for some reason they don’t fit your specific chair, they’ll offer a full refund and even pay the return shipping.
  4. Is your hubby a big guy? These wheels support up to 650 lbs. with heat treated high-grade steel, precision ball bearings, and durable polyurethane.

Your husband will love these! Don’t miss the rollerblade office wheels on your Ultimate Christmas Wish List for Dads and Husbands!

3. Sports Mug with a Hoop

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My husband goes into work early and has breakfast every single day at work. This mug is perfect for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or even cereal. It’s oversized so it works as either a mug or a bowl. It doesn’t even have to have anything in it, it still doubles as a table top toy for those annoying zoom calls or when you can’t get your boss off the phone!

No matter if your guy loves sports or is just bored at work, this super fun mug is great for dads and husbands. Depending on your guys sport of choice, the mug comes with either a hoop/hole or a backboard. It’s perfect for tossing marshmallows into cocoa, cereal into milk or toppings into ice cream! Plus, it’s microwave safe!

4. Stress Relief Desktop Punching Bag

Speaking of office desk toys, this punching bag ticks off all the right boxes. When I first saw this, I stopped scrolling because I thought this was a desktop balloon. This is so much cooler!!  Check out this video – this mini inflatable boxing ball can really take a beating! The company boasts a durable PU leather that will take thousands of hits and still look like new!

I know my husband would absolutely love this!

5. Thor Hammer Meat Tenderizer by Toynk

Every man loves to grill, loves talking about grilling, and loves to show off and flex his muscles standing in front of the grill. That’s what makes this gift too good to pass up on. It’s even made with Asgardian construction!

Check this out! It’s Thor’s iconic Mjolnir in the form of this gourmet meat tenderizer. The head has pyramid-shaped teeth for tenderizing a variety of meats. It possesses an ergonomic handle that includes a sturdy PVC strap, so you can conveniently hang it from your grill for easy access.

Bring the thunder!

6. Thor Hammer Tool Set

Maybe you don’t think Thor is as cool as we do, but you’re wrong. Somehow my husband has ever tool known to man, and still needs more.

This unique 44-piece tool set comes in a molded case that looks like Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir! Set comes with all your basic tool needs, including a REAL hammer, a tape measure, a level, a screwdriver, a wrench, a ratcheting wrench, and a utility knife. Slip wide comfortable handle is made of TPR material, comfortable hand feeling.

7. Admiral Valet Box an Everyday Organizer for Men

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I’d never thought of getting my husband a jewelry box organizer in a million years. That is, until I found this one. This is definitely made for a man. It’s unfortunate that it’s called a jewelry box organizer because the name is so non descriptive, but this is the best gift for dads & husbands. This holds everything that matters to a man: his watch, cellphone, keys, glasses, cufflinks, pocketknife, dollar bills, change and more! And the most important thing: a charging station!

This jewelry box organizer combines an oversize charging station, catchall tray, compartment lid, and accessory watch case all in one. Houndsbay uses the highest quality scratch resistant materials combined with luxury soft interiors to protect everything you put in this organizer. Features chrome metal hardware and contrasting stitching. Deep pockets make this universal for any man.

Plus, it’s perfect for Christmas because it comes ready in a heavy black textured Gift Box to make a serious impression on whoever is lucky enough to get this dresser valet box.

8. Adjustable Dumbbell Stand With 25/55LBS Set

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No ultimate Christmas wish list for dads and husbands would be complete without a set of dumbbells. My husband talks about these all the time. Men want to be the provider, the care taker, the protector and it requires strength and testosterone to fill that role. That’s where this awesome gift comes in!

This set is great because it’s upright and elevated! No more bending down to pick up heavy weights and hurting your back. That’s such a key selling point for my husband. He injured his lower back and he couldn’t walk for over 6 months! Protecting his back, while also giving him the option to exercise and strengthen it is paramount!

Includes a dumbbell spotter stand and a heavy-duty metal frame this provides a robust and stable structure which is perfect for home use. This stand is designed to accommodate up to 160 pounds with a large base surface which is compatible with a wide range of dumbbell series. Also comes with a built in strap to prevent it from rolling or falling off.

9. Butts in Space Card Game

Men have their own unique brand of humor. Women don’t talk about butts, farting, poop and diarrhea like men do, so I can’t understand it, but boy do men think it’s funny. That’s exactly why this game makes it on this list of the best gifts for dads and husbands.

The story goes like this: Evil Butt has stolen all of the toilet paper in the universe and destroyed your toilet space ship! Choose from 4 different butt characters as you try to gather more toilet paper than your friends before your space ship is repaired! Most TP Wins!

This game is so much fun and provides endless laughing and entertainment. This is also a great gift for a teenage boy!

10. Laptop Desk for 17″ Laptop

My husband is always on his laptop. Couch, bed, table, work… sometimes it makes me crazy, but he needs a surface to rest it on other than his lap. You know it heats up the swimmers, it’s bad for the testicles, it gives off EMF radiation… There are a ton of reasons why you don’t want your laptop near the most sensitive parts of your body which is especially why I have to include this on the ultimate Christmas wish list for dads!

This is awesome because it works in either a sitting or standing position. It offers 5 different heights, 9.6″ – 12.6″ and the desk itself offers four different surface angles 0° – 36°. Plus! It comes pre assembled with a built in USB cooling fan, is also collapsible of course, and fits up to 17″ laptop or bigger if you don’t need room for a mouse.

A companion gift to consider is an EMF radiation shield barrier.

ultimate Christmas wish list for dads emf shield

The DefenderPad laptop computer radiation shield contains Ultra Armor technology that is patented to block up to 99% of the full spectrum of laptop EMF radiation from the bottom of your laptop, including 5th generation frequencies, while also greatly reducing heat exposure. It is also anti-slip, thermally-resistive surface and multiple layers of built-in shielding work in unison to block heat from your laptop.

We have used the DefenderPad laptop shield going on several years now and have been fairly happy with it. It did come apart on the edges, but overall felt the usefulness of the product was worth it. I would assume they have upgraded their products to eliminate this problem going forward.

11. Space Puzzles

This is an out of this world 1000 piece puzzle.  See what I did there?

Men love a challenge and showing off how talented they are at putting things together. This is great because it combines all these things, but it’s something that the kids can get in on too. It’s gorgeous, challenging, family orientated, and a fun activity!

12. Outdoor Portable Projector | 200 Inch Screen

My husband talked and talked and talked about this for years before we bought it and now that we have it I can say with complete confidence – it’s worth every penny! Honestly, we chose an indoor projector, but we would have gotten this one if it was an option when we purchased ours! This creates a massive 200 inch screen, with 1000 ANSI Lumens brightness, and native 1080p resolution! Enjoy a cinema-level movie experience anywhere!

This projector is so intuitive!

ultimate Christmas wish list for dads outdoor projector

  1. It automatically adjusts screen brightness for the best possible viewing experience
  2. Compatible with Android TV 11.0 to expand your entertainment with 400,000+ movies and shows, and 7000+ apps
  3. Works anywhere indoor or outdoor
  4. Has exclusive RoamPower️ technology that supports a 185Wh capacity, which lets you use Mars 3 as a power bank to charge smart devices
  5. Also plays music so you can listen to your favorite tunes for 15 hours
  6. IPX3 water resistance, 0.5 m drop resistance, 0.7 mm dust resistance
  7. Comes with a built-in stand, a lens cover, a camping light, a power indicator, integrated controls, and a carry handle
  8. Built-in 40W speaker with Dolby Digital Plus delivers crisp and immersive outdoor audio to make movies sound amazing and crisp.
  9. 5 Hours of movie playtime and 15 hours of music playback
  10. Easy Setup in Seconds: With Intelligent Environment Adaptation, a built-in intelligent sensor completes autofocus, keystone correction, and Screen Fit in just 3 seconds, making setup a breeze.

What Dad wouldn’t want this? We’ve created so many amazing memories with our family with this and wouldn’t trade that for the world!

13. Hilarious Doormats with Things You Actually Want to Say

I’m not one to buy necessities for Christmas like socks, but this doormat is way more novelty than necessity. These are the doormats that finally say what you really want. Things like ‘Ew, it’s you’, or ‘There is No Reason For you to Be Here’ and tons more!

On top of being witty and clever, not to mention downright rude on occasion, these are crafted from the highest quality coconut husk fibers. They feature premium vinyl backing to prevent slips or falls, and the absorbent coir bristles trap in dirt so you can wipe your feet worry-free. Can be used as indoor mats or as outdoor mats. Plus, they come with a risk-free buying experience: If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our products, you can return them for a full refund, they even pay your return shipping!

14. Banana Phone

My husband loves to joke around, and this gift is the ultimate joke! It’s literally a banana phone. Literally! It’s a bluetooth banana that you connect to your phone to use in lieu of a plain old black box!

This lifelike banana connects to all iPhone, Android, Alexa, Siri, Google, and other Bluetooth devices with full voice assistant capabilities with a 30 foot range. It also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker to play your favorite tunes, also out of the banana! It’s rechargeable with micro USB, comes with cable, offers 10 hour talk time on one charge and 70 hour idle time and comes with a 1 year warranty!

This definitely deserves a place on the ultimate Christmas wish list for dads and husbands!

15. Happy Nutz Men’s Grooming Products

This product is definitely heavy on the innuendos and suggestive advertising, so basically, it’s perfect for every single man on planet Earth.

happy nutz grooming products on the ultimate Christmas wish list for dads and husbands

Men sweat, shower and get ready for the day just like us women. There is no reason they shouldn’t love the products they use as much as we ladies do! The Happy Nutz products are all talc-free and plant-based with aloe and coconut oil. They make body powders, lotions, soaps, body washes, deodorant, razors, you name it! It provides all-day comfort with protection against sweat, chafing, and odor! Can be used on the groin and feet areas, as well as any other area that experiences chafing or wetness.

Personally, I like the subtle yet alluring scent this leaves on my man. It’s super woodsy and outdoors. Get all of them for a big luxurious gift, or a few and hide them in his stocking! He’s sure to feel loved and pampered with this best gift for dads and husbands.

16. Air Fryer by COSORI and Silicone Air Fryer Liners

I’ve never met a man that didn’t love his air fryer. There is nothing you can’t put in here that doesn’t come out tasting amazing! If you don’t yet have an Air Fryer this is the one you need, and if your current appliance has a few years under its belt, consider this upgrade! It’s super sleek and works beautifully!

air fryer for the ultimate Christmas wish list for dads and husbands

The COSORI Air Fryer offers a 9-in-1 Versatility. It includes Air Fry, Roast, Bake, Broil, Dehydrate, Frozen, Proof, Reheat, and Keep Warm with a 5-speed airflow system that ensures your food is evenly cooked throughout, providing superior results for every meal. The one cooks up to 46% faster than the old series and is even quieter with a capacity of 6 quarts.

Even though this air fryer features a non stick basket, no matter what that oil is still going to make the inside sticky and dirty. That’s why I love these silicone air fryer baskets!

They simply pop inside the cavity of the air fryer and fit any size. Fry the food inside these and take them out for easy clean up. The air fryer stays clean, and they simply go in the dishwasher! They are a must have for any air fry cook!

17. BBQ Cast Iron Grill Press

Repeat everything we said earlier about grills. Anything to do with meat is always a great gift for dad. Pair this with a giant package of ground beef and you’ve got yourself a win!

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This way he can leave his mark on everything he takes off the grill!

We hope this ultimate Christmas wish list for dads or husbands
helps you find the perfect present this gift giving season!
Happy Holidays!

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