Planning for Christmas is no small feat! Whether you are buying for your own children, your kids friends, or for nieces and nephews, cousins or grandkids, it can be a real struggle to find something for everyone! We got you! This is a simple list of the best Christmas gifts for elementary aged boys that are all under a convenient price point of $20! (Prices are subject to change, of course.)

Bonus: For each toy we suggest, we’ve got a second product that might fit the same theme for a little bit more! You choose! Tons of great gift options in here, we hope it helps you with your Christmas shopping this year!

Note: These are amazon links, and I may receive a commission if you click on the link and purchase an item at no extra cost to you. 

Best Christmas Gifts for
Elementary Aged Boys Under $20!

#1. Camping Outdoors Themed Go Fish Game by Upbounders $9.99

Who will like this gift? Children who love the outdoors, children who love camping, children who love climbing trees, building fires, and playing in the forest. This is a great gift for any child who has a love of everything in the great outdoors!

Benefits of this gift? This is a super classic and fun card game with really cute illustrations and theming. It’s interactive, and build’s cognitive skills like memory and recognition.  Children can play this alone, or with friends. It doesn’t require any batteries, or tools and is small and compact.

What’s included? Each pack contains four sets of 13 beautifully-illustrated cards, plus 2 instruction cards (54 cards total). Playing cards are standard-sized, perfect for little hands. Durable, water-resistant cards stand up to preschool play.

Spend $10 More: 100 Jumbo Piece Sports Puzzle $19.99

#2: Transport Car Carrier Truck – with 6 Stylish Metal Racing Cars by Big Mo’s Toys $19.99 (Use Promo Code 107NW5QK for 10% off until December 4, 2023) 

Who will like this gift? Children who love the cars, big trucks, and racing! This is a great gift for any child who has a love of moving, racing, zooming, crashing into things, collectables, and imaginative play!

Benefits of this gift? Since time immemorial boys have always loved cars! This gift is interactive, and spurs the imagination.  Children can play this alone, or with friends. It doesn’t require any batteries or tools and comes with it’s own carrying case not only to take around with you, but for easy storage!

What’s included? 15″ Car Transport Truck Truck With Attached Handle plus 6 Stylish Metal Racing Cars In Transparent Compartment To Store And Carry The Cars

Spend $12 More: Construction Car Carrier Vehicle Toy Set with 6 cars and comes with Play Mat $31.99

#3: Conversation Cards for Kids $20

Who will like this gift? Everyone! Kids love spending time with their parents and these are portable which make them great for car rides and road trips, bedtime, the family dinner table, or wherever you have time and space to connect. Looking for driving games to break the silence or avoid screen time when on the go.

Benefits of this gift? Practice conversational skills like curiosity, telling stories, and sharing as well as social emotional learning skills. Learn things you don’t know about topics you may not think to ask about, be present with your kids, and give them a chance to learn more about you. Thoughtful, new questions that avoid repetition and are different from what parent’s normally ask.

What’s included? 200 double sided small cards (2.5 in *1.75 in) with 400 questions total that spur conversation and deep meaningful quality time with your child.

Spend $13 More: STEM Magnetic Blocks Tough Tiles $32.99

#4: 6-in-1 Monster Truck Red Building Block Kit with LED Light Box $6.99

Who will like this gift? Of course we have more cars toys, because boys love cars, but this is even better because it’s lego type cars. These are cars that little boys can build themselves!

Benefits of this gift? Hours of play! Builds fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, and because these work with other blocks too, opportunities for imagination abound!

What’s included? 318 Pieces total! Monster Trucks, a Fighter Jet & a Robot. Bonus: They works with other blocks too!

Spend $7 More: Lego Off Road Buggy $14.99

#5: LEGO Creator 3 in 1 Mighty Dinosaur Toy, Transforms from T. rex to Triceratops to Pterodactyl  $14.99

Who will like this gift? Dinosaur and animal lovers! Builders! Boys who love to create and fight and explore ancient relics of the dragons, dinosaurs and beasts that roamed the planet!

Benefits of this gift? Kids can learn anatomy, zoology and paleontology! With this toy kids can understand the shape of dinosaurs, joints, teeth and other details. The imaginative options with transformation of this toy provide even more options for fun and play!

What’s included? T. Rex Dinosaur Toy with bright orange eyes, posable joints and head, large claws and an opening mouth with pointed teeth. The dinosaur toy also includes the dinosaur’s prey in the form of a buildable rib cage.

Spend $35 More: STEM 500 Piece Dinosaur Building Blocks Set $49.99

#6: Stretchy Lizard Toys $18.97

Who will like this gift? Anyone who loves creeping and crawling insects, bugs and reptiles, of course! These are stretchy and sticky and are include tons of differing colors!

Benefits of this gift? Lizards come in a wide variety of colors and can be used very well for classroom prizes, pinata filler, or fill-up the Easter basket stuffers. Each lizard is individually wrapped, and all are packed in a highly resistant zipper bag. A must-have along with all the fidget zipper bracelets, sticky hands, stretchy skeletons, candy, cupcakes, and novelty toys in candy bags. They are made of a safe material like rubber, called SEBS. This is actually a form of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) with styrene added. Green Peace lists SEBS as a good alternative to PVC in toys.

What’s included? 48 lizards that are 3″ in size. There are twelve different colors: red, blue, light green, turquoise, white, black, green, yellow, transparent, pink, orange, purple, strictly divided into the package.

Spend $10 More: Stretchy Lizards & Snakes $29.99

#7: Lava Dragon, Fantasy Toy by ELDRADOR CREATURES $20.99

Who will like this gift? Boys who love dragons! This lava dragon has moveable wings and jaw! Dragons are powerful creatures and any child that loves flying and playing with ferocious animal toys will love this!

Benefits of this gift? This toy will unleash the limitless possibilities of storytelling and imaginative play and when it comes to dragon toys, this one stands out for its high quality – designed to last generations!

What’s included? 1x Lava Dragon figurine.

Spend $10 More: 5 Pieces Plush Toy Set Large Stuffed Animal with 4 Cute Dragons in Mommy Dragon’s Belly $29.99

#8: Complete Farm Animal Set $20.99

Who will like this gift? Boys who love animals, boys who love farm animals including chickens, pigs, dogs, horses, goats, cats and more! Cowboys, farmers, ranchers, and any child who is a friend to animals!

Benefits of this gift? Perfectly sized toys for kids birthday parties, gift bags, stocking stuffers, Easter baskets and other gifting occasions. These durable toys are built “farm tough” to endure kids’ rough ‘n’ tumble play. Encourages imaginative and independent play. Kids learn and explore when they play alone, and this 7-piece farm animal toy set gives kids limitless room for independent play.

What’s included? 7 life like detailed toys. Includes a toy pig, toy rooster, toy foal, toy calf, toy goat, toy dog, and toy cat.

Spend $6 More: Farm and Toy Tractor Playset with 43 pieces $26.99

#9: Tyrannosaurus Rex, T-Rex Toy with Realistic Detail $20.99

Who will like this gift? There are a few dinosaur toys on this list, but all boys love dinosaurs! Our first born has always loved dinosaurs and still loves them as a teenager. He has a huge collection and his favorite are the most realistic and life like ones – just like this one!

Benefits of this gift? The t-rex dinosaur toy is the ideal gift for any budding paleontologists or archaeologists! We are big fans of Schleich toys and these dinosaurs are incredibly lifelike and cool!

What’s included? 1 Green Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur

Spend $30 More: Jurassic World Camouflage ‘n Battle Dinosaur Toy, Indominus Rex Figure with Lights, Sounds & Motion $49.99

#10: Minecraft Creeper Toy Box $14.99 

Who will like this gift? All Minecraft fans! Awesome Storage Solution For Gamers! This is a silent helper to keep your gaming stuff! Declutter your realm block by block with this Minecraft storage tin inspired by the popular video game series.

Benefits of this gift? Provides gamers with plenty of extra storage space. This storage tin is a must-have for Minecraft collectors and fans. Great for your desk, nightstand, dresser, or anywhere else that could use a touch of fandom (and organization).

What’s included? One 4 inch tin cube with lid.

Spend $25 More: Minecraft Redstone Torch Plug-in Nightlight with Auto Dusk to Dawn Sensor $39.99

#11: Batman Action Figure with 16 Pieces of Armor $19.99 

Who will like this gift? DC fans, Batman fans, super hero fans, comic book and movie fans! Anyone who likes action figures that you can tell stories with and play with, and this one is extra awesome because it has removable and customizable armor pieces.

Benefits of this gift? Batman figure with 16 armor accessories and 17 points of articulation for dynamic poses and action! You can prepare Batman for any mission including iconic Batarang, grappling hook, and more. Accessories provides tons of different styles of play!

What’s included? One 12″ figurine, and 16 pieces of armor

Spend $12 More: DC Comics Batman vs The Joker Action Figures Set, 2 Figures, 12 Armor Accessories $31.99

Bonus: Capsule Rocketship Outdoor Swing or Indoor Playhouse $159.99

This gift is not under $20 but this is the gift that will make this the Christmas to remember! We love giving all our kids a combined family gift, and this is the gift that we plan on giving them this year!

Who will like this gift? Little astronauts, space explorers, aliens and kids who love astrology!

Benefits of this gift? Massive possibilities for imagination and exciting the love of exploration! Not to mention a fun swing, clubhouse, or overall general

What’s included? Ideal for 2 riders ages 3-7, 50 lbs. per child for a total weight capacity of 100 lbs.

Let us know what your favorite toy is! and we hope that this list helps you cross off some names on your Christmas list! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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