Disney cruises are replete with things to do, and every magical moment is accounted for whether you are three years old or 103 years old! And the magic starts the minute you step foot on the ship. Your name will be announced to the crew as you cross the threshold from land to sea, and the entire ship will join in applause just because you have arrived! How is that for a welcome party? The earlier you arrive the better. You can start eating at the buffet, get your bearings, start loading up on all the soft-serve ice cream you can eat, and prepare to see all your favorite characters at the same time at the Sail Away Disney Cruise Celebration Party on the top deck!

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Mickey Mouse dons his captain attire, while some other capable seaman actually navigates the ship, to welcome all the guests onboard and kick off the celebrations. All his best pals join him in a rousing chorus.

The event is short, because of course, someone does need to be navigating the ship and get us to our first port, but everyone gets streamers, necklaces and party attire and the mood is set with an official countdown to blow the foghorn, and kick off the festivities. Mickey and the gang does a great job of getting everyone pumped up, as you all start to become friends with your sail-mates.

You’ll have a chance to attend random Deck Parties throughout your time on the ship. Some are terrible like the Frozen Deck Party, some are awesome like Pirate Night, and some are just uneventful where castmembers come out to dance and sing in typical Disney fashion. All are part of the experience though, and it’s fun to catch one or two during your sailing.

For Kids: If you attend any Deck Party, the Sail Away Celebration is the one to attend. Mickey will figuratively push the boat away from the dock with the help of everyone present to officially announce the countdown.
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What is your favorite Deck Party on a Disney ship? Or, if you haven’t sailed before what are you most looking forward to? We’d love to chat about it!

Nap-Time Version: What to expect when you kick off your Disney Cruise celebration with the Sail Away Celebration Deck Party!

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