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Scandinavian Airlines, SAS Airlines, flies throughout Denmark, Sweden and Norway to 1300 destinations all across Europe. Their slogan, “We Are Travelers” is fitting as Scandinavians travel an average of five times a year throughout the three countries listed above! It was also fitting for our particular family as we are not only travelers, but have Scandinavian ancestry. Everything comes...
Icelandair, Flying to Iceland, Flying to Revkjavik, Flying to Keflavik, diapersonaplane, diapers on a plane, family travel, traveling with kids, creating family memories
Icelandair (ICE) is a cool airline. That’s not meant to be a pun. They aren’t cool because their code is ICE or because they fly to cold weather destinations, they are cool because they offer a stopover connection with a stopover buddy for free! Whether you are flying to the US from Europe, or to Europe from the US,...

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