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Who is Diapers On A Plane?

Wanderlust. It’s such a provocative word, encompassing all the feelings and emotions wrapped up in embarking on a new adventure. Nothing is so breathtaking as taking in a new city, a new culture, or a foreign language and trying to navigate your way through it the way the locals do.

It’s our favorite word. Since Gabriel and I were first married, we always thrived on adventure. We took a three week camping trip through five states, explored NYC on a weekend whim finding flights for $99 each way and a friend flies free, and crossed the Canadian border in a 1983 Nissan Sentra that had a broken latch on the truck that we fastened with a bungee cord. Seven years ago, I began working for an airline and we have continued to tirelessly taken advantage of the vast opportunities we have been given.

As our family grew and children entered our lives, we decided straight away that we wanted our children right beside us and to be a part of everything: Diapers On A Plane! The experiences we have gained by taking them with us around the world so far, are priceless. They are memories that we will cherish forever, and in turn we will always look back on them for years to come. We know that seeing other cultures and taking part in those experiences will make them stronger, more compassionate members of society, and profoundly shape the way that they grow up in this world.

Our diapers on a plane currently consists of our seven year old twins, our vivacious three year old, and a soon to be new baby! At home we’ve also added 20 chickens, a dog, and a turtle named Christmas Tree. This blog is our attempt to chronicle our adventures and share them with other people who may be likeminded. We do not write about the minutia, or offer a play by play account. We write about the things that peak our interest, because nothing substitutes getting out there and experiencing it yourself. We hope that you will leave comments, share your experiences, tell us what we missed, ask questions, and interact to help make both our experiences richer! 

And finally – nothing can take the place of the real thing. So, while we hope this blog will inspire you to have more adventures with diapers on a plane, and perhaps even help you plan them, keep in mind that these are our adventures. We might miss a thing or two, or we might forget to take the perfect picture, but in the end, this is our story and this blog is about sharing our excitement for exploration.

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