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Over the past year we’ve heard many accounts of the stories surrounding Hurricane Maria, especially so working in the airline industry where flights were affected, customers were displaced, and in many instances fellow employees were missing for days.

Worldschooling in Puerto Rico gave our family the opportunity to see firsthand the devastation and recovery process on the island and speak with the locals about how they were individually affected. When we traveled to the island of Vieques, we stayed in the Wave Hotel and saw a hotel that was ravished by the Hurricane. We caught a small glimpse of the harrowing nature of this experience.

This Worldschooling lesson guide and worksheet is about hurricanes and Hurricane Maria specifically. While this is a great tool in understanding how the specific people of Puerto Rico were affected, with a little modification, it can be used anywhere you travel that is affected by hurricanes, or even during Hurricane season while watching the weather develop.

Feel free to use this Worldschooling Hurricanes guide as a resource for your family and your travels as you explore countries along the equator line or study them at home.

Both links will take you to a free PDF that you can view and print.

The Lesson Guide is an overview of the relevant topics that pertain to the events surrounding Hurricane Maria. It can be catered to your child’s age, attention and interest.

Worldschooling Lesson Guide for Hurricane Maria

The Worksheet offers the same questions as the Lesson Guide and answers can be as descriptive and detailed as the parents, or students, decide.

Worldschooling Worksheet for Hurricane Maria

Refer to our post below for more information on our visit to The Wave Hotel in Vieques, Puerto Rico with kids.

Telling the Story of Hurricane Maria | Our Family Stay at The Wave Hotel on the Island of Vieques, Puerto Rico


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