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Our favorite worldschooling activity in Puerto Rico was, without a doubt, kayaking across the waters of Mosquito Bay on a moonless night in Vieques, Puerto Rico experiencing what is known as Bioluminescent Bay. The stars looked as though they were being reflected under the surface of water by a mirror reflecting back the milky way as we held it in our hands. It was absolutely magical!

Feel free to use this Worldschooling Puerto Rico guide as a resource for your family and your travels as you explore the Caribbean or study them at home.

Both links will take you to a free PDF that you can view and print.

The Lesson Guide is an overview of the most important topics that pertain to the unique ecology that creates the phenomenon found at Bioluminescent Bay combining the ecological, biological, hydrological branches of science together with a little bit of evolution and geography mixed in. It can be catered to your child’s age, attention and interest.

Worldschooling Lesson Guide for Bioluminescent Bay

The Worksheet offers the same questions as the Lesson Guide and answers can be as descriptive and detailed as the parents decide.

Worldschooling Worksheet for Bioluminescent Bay

Refer to our post below for more information on our Worldschooling Bioluminescent Bay fieldtrip with kids.

The Night the Stars Turned Upside Down on a Family Field Trip to Bioluminescent Bay with Kids | Abe’s Snorkeling and Bio Bay Tours in Vieques, Puerto Rico


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