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In reviewing our accomplishments since starting the Diapers On A Plane blog, July appears to be a significant year for us. We started this blog exactly 3 years ago in July of 2017. Coincidentally July of 2017, was also our first traffic report. Our last income report was in July of 2018 – exactly two years ago.

It just makes sense that this income report starts exactly 3 years after starting our blog.

The Latest and Greatest
Blog Income Report July 2020

Synopsis of income report

Why the Gap?

  • Life
  • Kids
  • New Baby
  • House Flipping
  • Moving
  • Yard Work 
  • 9-5 Jobs
  • Traveling
  • New Baby
  • Covid-19

Why Keep an Income and Traffic Report?

I love looking at income and traffic reports for inspiration and ideas. But if we are being honest about them, the majority are just a way to brag about how much money you are making so you can then sell affiliate products on that page.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t fault that approach. In fact, check out this weird amazon item!

If you click on the link and buy something we will get a small kick back at no extra charge to you.

But really – keeping an income and traffic report is a fantastic way to track where you have come from and where you are going. What better place to keep it than online searchable content?

Considering it has been 2 years since I have created a traffic report, I’ve decided to give it a bit of a refresh. Catherine and I have learned a lot since we started our blog. For one thing, we wish we had studied up a little more on SEO in the beginning, the importance of Pinterest, and of course social media.

social media report

New Reports 

I am adding attributes to the traffic reports to show more details about the social media numbers. These may change from month to month and may not mean as much to you as they do to me. But for me it helps as I continue to build systems to help us grow our traffic.

After posting nearly 400 blog posts over the past 3 years that we thought were very compelling, it turns out they were not written in a way for the internet to make them searchable. Not to mention the headlines were atrocious. For instance: “Boma – Flavors of Africa: A Family Restaurant Buffet at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, Orlando, Florida.”

Send help. 


If this is your first time checking out our family travel blog, hi there! Check out our About Page

In a nutshell, Catherine, my wife, is the amazing writer and engine behind the blog. I am the tech guy who does his best to keep the site functioning. For both of us, this is a very fun hobby and a way to keep our memories alive. Apart from this we each have full and part time jobs in addition to the never ending parental responsibilities of a house with 5 kids under 10.

This data is here to help me get a good view of how our actions affect our performance. Ultimately, just like anybody else, we want our efforts to mean something. And by mean something, we want our blog to be profitable because it offers a service to the vast number of people searching the internet. 

At the end of the blog income report I will also include some goals that I hope are reasonable enough that we can achieve them for the next month to get us closer to our goals.


Before we get into the traffic numbers, let’s check out the actual blog income report so we can get that right out of the way!

Is it possible to make money on a travel blog in 2020 during a pandemic?

We think so. Just like us people are at home wishing they could be on vacation just like last year. There are a lot of people planning their next adventure and are just waiting for the green light. 

earnings income report


Adsense: July $2.31 (Prev. Month $1.81)
Amazon: July $19.06 (Prev. Month $23.67) 

Total Earnings

July $21.37 (Prev. Month $25.48) 


Tailwind $10.00
Godaddy Domain and Hosting $15.00

Total Expenses 

July $15 (Prev. Month $15) 

Grand Total:

July earnings $+6.37 ($+10.48 prior month)

Check this out! You really can make money with a travel blog during a pandemic and we have $6.37 to prove it! Not to mention, it was less than we earned the month before! 

You may not think that is a lot. That is, until you realize that is just enough money to buy one of these on Amazon. 

Seriously though. Other than refreshing some old posts and making a few updates we have really not spent that much time working on our blog this past year. So I call this a win.

I am confident that we will have more exciting numbers to share with you in the coming months. If you continue on to the bottom of the post, I will be talking about goals and plans for next month.

Diapers On a Plane July 2020 page views were 6.6k
In July 2020 we had 6.6k users visit our site


Users: June 2.6k vs July 6.6k = 153% Increase

Sessions: June 2.8k vs July 6.8k = 142% Increase

Huge uptick in traffic in July over June. Like I said, since people are not able to travel they have to get their travel fix somewhere, and that somewhere is the internet.

Social Followers

Facebook Page Followers: July 890 (Prev. Month 893) = 0.3% Decrease

Instagram Followers: July 2400 (Prev. Month N/A) = N/A

Pinterest Followers: June N/A vs July 390 = N/A
Pinterest Impressions: June 78.71k vs July 97.89k = 24% Increase

Twitter Followers: July 1853 (Prev. Month 1859) = 0.3% Decrease
Tweets: July 14 (Prev. Month 5) = 180% Increase
Twitter Impressions: July 2,732 (Prev. Month 1,246) = 119% Increase
Twitter Mentions: July 4 (Prev. Month 8) = 100% Decrease
Twitter Profile Twitter isits: July 23 (Prev. Month 1) = 100% Decrease
Twitter Followers: July -6 (Prev. Month -6) = 0% Increase

YouTube Subscribers: July 131 (Prev. Month 130) = 0.7% Increase

Mailing list: July 52 (Prev. Month 52) = 0% Increase

Diapers On a Plane July 2020 Twitter summary
In July 2020 we only sent out 14 tweets!

I am not going to go into individual detail this month on each social media platform. Other than to say that we have only been updating the bare minimum for quite some time. We post every couple days on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Nothing beyond that for the past year.

We do have an awesome Diapers On A Plane YouTube channel, and you should definitely subscribe! At some point we are hoping it will be monetized as well. However, I am trying to keep this post specific to earnings from our travel blog. That being said, I do think mentioning our YouTube subscribers is important because it is also a platform that drives traffic to our blog.

Our focus in August will be on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. We feel that other than SEO and organic search traffic, Pinterest is the next most important social channel, followed by Facebook and then Twitter. Facebook is often a source that people go to for information, and Twitter is a place for conversation. 

One of the biggest ways we plan on improving presence on these platforms will be to hire a part time Virtual Assistant to help behind the scenes with Pinterest and social media. This is something I have been suggesting to Catherine for this past year but always wanted to wait until the blog was profitable. 

We’ve finally decided to take the leap and make what we feel is an important investment that will pay off.

We will give you an update in August and let you know how that is going.

traffic increase report

Goals for August

It’s time to set some goals for August. These goals may change somewhat as I gauge which goals we actually have control over, and which ones we think are more valuable than others.

Here they are – I look forward to seeing if we meet them in August.

  • Instagram: 2415 Followers
  • Facebook: 900 Followers
  • Pinterest: 110k impressions
  • Twitter: 1900 Followers
  • Youtube: 140 Subscribers
  • Mailing list: 55 Subscribers
  • Pageviews: 10,000 Pageviews

Here is the game plan for achieving these goals:

  1. Refreshing past content with updated SEO techniques
  2. Hiring a Virtual Assistant to focus on Pinterest and Social Engagement
  3. Consistent Youtube video updates

Take a look at the rest of our reports here. Thanks for reading this month’s blog income report! See you all next month!



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