Worldschooling the Korean Alphabet in Korea

Today was glorious. We had no agenda and nothing to do, and we let the baby take a nap. Gabriel had a presentation at the Global Campus, so while we waited for him to finish we practiced saying yes in Korean: . Today was all about saying yes. The kids love to travel, but no matter how old you are, and how much you enjoy something, sometimes you just need some downtime. Especially as a kid, you need a chance to be able to say what it is you want to do. Today was that day. 

Day 13 South Korea Family Travel Journal
Worldschooling the Korean Alphabet

First we cut open the watermelon. You would have thought it was filled with gold doubloons the way we salivated over it. Watermelon and then the kids asked for chocolate. We said yes. Watermelon and chocolate made up our breakfast of champions.

Then we played ping pong in the bedroom on the floor with a toy ping pong set we picked up at the Daiso. Eclair kept score with her notepad, and I won both matches against the twins. The twins weren’t sure that she understood how the scoring worked, but I thought she was very adept.

Worldschooling the Korean Alphabet in Korea
Mommy wins!

We practiced guitar and violin, we counted all the way to 100 in Korean! Then we used our new counting in Korean skills and wrote the answers to our triple digit math problems in Korean using this awesome comic we found on the internet by Ryan Estrada! We also used this comic to worldschool the Korean alphabet.

Surprisingly, worldschooling the Korean alphabet is actually pretty easy. There aren’t that many symbols to memorize. Of course, we are still understanding the nuances in our worldschooling Korean alphabet lessons, but I think within a few days we can definitely say that we can read the fundamentals of the Korean written language. Understanding Korean? I won’t go that far.

Worldschooling the Korean Alphabet in Korea
Practicing recognizing letters and the sounds those letters make

When Gabriel got home he made good on his promise from the day before to take Eclair to the toy store. Because their Daddy Daughter Day was cut short due to our adventures shopping at Bupyeong, she was adamant they continue their day today. Gabriel said yes. 

We met up with them when Molasses woke up from her morning nap and we all enjoyed conveyor belt Sushi at Sushiro!

Ranking: #cleandiaper

Triple Street
Incheon, Korea
Phone: 032-310-9415
Hours: Sunday thru Saturday 10:30 AM – 10 PM

Sushi Ro
Sushi in Korea

It was a ton of fun.

I think Gabriel and I will come back while the kids are playing at a Champion Sports Kid Cafe and have a slightly more enjoyable time without children fighting over who gets to take the next plate off the conveyor.


Our family wanted to catch a movie at the Megabox at Triple Street, but we couldn’t figure out the automated machines for buying tickets and there was no Korean translation option. Instead we came home and said yes to marathon watching some She-Ra. We were really anxious to see what happened with Glimmer’s teleportation glitches.

Watching She-Ra on Netflix
I can save the world and help my friends!

We showed off what we learned worldschooling the Korean alphabet to Gabriel and Widmore dressed up like Dr. Med-ick-al School from Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events with some of Eclair’s new toys she got during her time with Daddy.

Worldschooling the Korean Alphabet in Korea
No one cares about the Sugar Bowl!


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