Sacrament meeting prank at church

Yesterday was such a special day! The twins were baptized and it was a beautiful ceremony. We stayed up late and played as a family, and today we are tired. We are tired both physically and emotionally. It is a relief to have the baptism over with. That is not meant in any way to be negative, just there was so much to worry about and I so badly wanted the day to go well and be remembered fondly. It was a special occasion not just for the twins, but for all of us. Anytime a big event is finished, there is a sense of relief that goes along with it. Today we needed a day of rest, which we got, but we were also treated to a Sacrament meeting prank.

Day 18 South Korea Family Travel Journal
Sacrament Meeting Prank

It’s been two weeks in the branch, and it was my turn to speak in Sacrament meeting. There are only so many people to go around, so it was long past due for one of the members of our family to be called to speak. I wasn’t the one who did the Sacrament meeting prank though. 

Distractions on the way to church
No you cannot play in the fountain in your dress before church

Fortunately, I had already prepared a talk for the twins baptism on the Holy Ghost. I simply took that talk and just gave a longer version for Sacrament meeting, including the twins by inviting them to come up and say how they felt after receiving the Holy Ghost. Widmore was short and offered two sentences and then was sure to be silly by singing goodbye into the microphone before he went and sat back down. Pie was extremely thoughtful and shared a few of her feelings so sweetly. I love how they are each their own version and do things their own way!

Twins Baptism Day
Twins Baptism Day

I also found the nursing mother’s room at the church with rocking chairs! I miss my rocking chair at home so I was ecstatic! I spent all of the first hour in there with Molasses with the intent to prepare her for being okay without me during the hour long Sacrament service. She slept while I tried to start my day of rest, but I was subjected to listening to a bunch of someone’s play on the piano just outside the door for an hour, alternating between what sounded like a game of hide and seek and patty-cake. The Korean Ward that overlaps with our branch is huge!

Distractions on the way to church
Many distractions on the way to church….

Then came time for Sacrament. Per usual, our one Priest in the ward, Thomas, prepared the sacrament along with one of the missionaries. Everything appeared normal, until we started noticing everyone was taking a little extra time to take their piece of bread. We looked around and then noticed both Thomas and the missionary sitting behind the Sacrament table suppressing laughs by holding their hands over their mouths.

Finally the bread reached our pew. The pieces of bread were so huge they would not fit into our mouths without some major effort. Like everyone else in the ward, we had to literally shove the piece of bread to fit. Whereas our kids were taking bites, one by one, like the bread was an appetizer.

By the end of the Sacrament everyone was laughing and I actually had tears rolling down my face. It was such an unexpected and unlikely prank, it was a Sacrament meeting prank after all! and you could argue that it was irreverent or sacrilegious, but I have to admit, I thought it was hilarious and awesome.   

Our family didn’t stay for the Korean language classes this week, the little girls were tired today and needed the extra rest. I was tired and needed a day of rest. Scott showed us how to take the bus home from the subway station, which drops us off right at our apartment; that will come in handy when summer takes hold of Korea in a few weeks.

Subway Ride to Church and Sacrament Meeting Prank
The long ride to/from church in South Korea

We took a nap, played at home, watched She-Ra, had a healthy and simple fish, rice and broccoli dinner, and just enjoyed being a family and having a day of rest amidst our summer school adventures in Korea.



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