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Diapers On A Plane: Fourth Income and Traffic Report for October 2017

Welcome to the 4th Income and Traffic Report for diapersonaplane.com

October was a busy month. We were able to spend a week in Boston and then spend a few days in Long Beach over a conference weekend for my “other” job.

Though it has been a lot of work, we are gaining a lot of satisfaction from working on the blog daily. One of our major goals with creating this blog was to be better about not just remembering our family adventures, but documenting them so we wouldn’t forget. As Catherine and I have reflected on the experiences we’ve had throughout the past several years, we are both in agreement that making a permanent memoir has increased our joy and appreciation for the time that we are out with our family. We’re so glad to we didn’t put this off any longer, because we’ve discovered just how much we’ve missed on our trips; the pictures, and videos, and notes that we’ve forgotten or lost. Moving forward, we can only improve, and we are so excited learning every day how we can commemorate these exciting moments in our lives, on our travels, and with each other. As we repeat every month, the preserving of these memories is what makes our blog an absolute success.

I am pleased to announce that for the first month we are in the black! Two things really made this possible.

1.) We didn’t have any blog expenses this month.

2.) The Amazon Affiliate program paid off with some of our Halloween posts that contained links to Amazon products. We made the bulk of our money this month from this source of revenue, primarily from our posts on the Halloween costumes we made for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. We don’t expect that to happen again during the month of November.

Google Adsense continues to be a mere trickle of money. From what I have researched, Adsense is not a reliable income earner, even with really high traffic, so this isn’t anything that deserves a lot of buzz.

Here are the stats for October.


Adsense: $0.66 ($0.66 prior month)
Amazon: $7.56 ($1.19 prior month)




Monthly earnings $8.22


Diapersonaplane, Diapers On A Plane, Traveling with Kids, Family Travel, Income and Traffic Report, Income Report, Blogging Income,
October Traffic

Pageviews: 1045 → 1082 | Goal of 2500 Missed
Visitors: 543 → 711 | Goal of 1000 Missed
Blog Posts: 125 → 147 | Goal of 165 Missed

Social Followers:

Facebook: 114119 | Goal of 200 Missed
Instagram: 8551308 | Goal of 1200 Met!
Pinterest: 127 → 151 | Goal of 175 Missed
Twitter: 206 → 258  | Goal of 300 Missed
YouTube: 6 → 10 | Goal of 20 Missed
Mailing list: 13 → 14 | Goal of 30 Missed

Our page views have pretty much remained the same for the past three months. I would have thought we would get an uptick on page views with the addition of new content, but as we are still new, we are not so concerned.

Pinterest has pushed out Facebook as our greatest source of referrals with 223, nearly tripling last month’s count of 77. We have been putting more effort into creating fun pins to go along with our posts. My hope is that those pins will have long legs over time, and continue to bring traffic to our blog.

Our search engine traffic has also taken a nice bump. It will be interesting to see what happens with it in November to give us a good idea of whether the jump is from more people searching for costume ideas, or if SEO is starting to kick in. Naturally, we are hoping it is the later. We also got quite a bit of traffic from our YouTube channel – again, as a result of Halloween traffic. Our video on How to Create Mantis Antenna is our most viewed video by a huge margin, and I think that will also be traffic that won’t be repeated in November. The great news is that it makes me excited to create new DIY videos for next year, and it also means that we should expect more hits next year as well.

Goal Recap:

The only goal we met this month is from our Instagram account which was a little unexpected as we did not gain much in the way of followers last month despite being active on the platform. I still have mixed feeling about Instagram. Currently its only purpose for us is to gain social popularity, as it does not seem to do much at all in regards to sending traffic back to our blog. I would love to hear any thoughts on how to better use Instagram as a blogger below 10k followers.

Social and Blog Goals for November:

Instagram: 2000 followers
Facebook: 200 followers
Pinterest: 200 followers
Twitter: 300 followers
Youtube 20 followers
Mailing list: 30
Blog Posts: 178 total posts
Pageviews:  2500
Visitors: 1000

Diapersonaplane, Diapers On A Plane, Traveling with Kids, Family Travel, Income and Traffic Report, Income Report, Blogging Income,
Pin me!

Thanks again for checking out our traffic report and joining us on this blogging journey. We are excited to see where it takes us. We are always interested in finding ways to improve. Please hit us up with any questions, comments or suggestions you might have. 


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