Caribbean Bay Family Day

Swimming in Korea has been a misnomer, until now. Until now, this has been a hot, dry summer. Until now, swimming has eluded our family. But today is the day we changed all that. Today is the day we found ourselves drenched, not in sweat from the unbelievably hot and humid sambok 삼복 days, but drenched in cool, refreshing, chlorinated water from pools. Pools that we didn’t have to wear swim caps to enjoy. Pools that we didn’t have to swim laps in indoors. Pools that we soaked every inch of our eager bodies into. Today was the day we went to Everland’s Caribbean Bay Waterpark as a family!  

How to Escape the Summer Heat in Korea:
Caribbean Bay with Kids
캐리비안 베이

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캐리비안 베이
Everland’s Caribbean Bay
199, Everland-ro, Pogok-eup, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do
경기도 용인시 처인구 포곡읍 에버랜드로 199
Phone: 031-320-5000
Hours: Monday – Thursday 9am – 6:30pm | Friday thru Sunday 9am – 9pm | Varies by season
Korean Ticket Price: Children 3-12 ₩58,000 | 12+ ₩74,000 | Babies 36 months and younger Free
Foreigner Ticket Price: ½ off
Foreign Visitor Ticket Prices Discount through Voyagin
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Caribbean Bay Family Day
Twin approved

Today, July 17, 2019 is Constitution Day in Korea dating back to 1948. On Constitution Day 제헌절, a celebration is held in front of the National Assembly Building where Korean laws are passed and Gabriel got the day off of school! Can you spell swimming? 

Our friends from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Songdo Branch here in Korea, Atelaite and Johnny, came with us and we met in the morning to taxi it up to Seoul. We tried to arrive as close to opening as possible, but there were a few hiccups as often goes with tired parents and four kids and a taxi cab that comes reeking of cigarette smoke. We couldn’t wait to get there and were crawling out of our skin to jump in the pool!

Caribbean Bay Family Day
Let’s go swimming!

Everland’s Caribbean Bay is the world’s largest indoor/outdoor waterpark. Bear in mind that the inclusion of the indoor portion of the waterpark is the only reason it is labeled as the largest. It’s actually not that big, but since they put a roof over a portion of it, they can shout how cool they are from the rooftops. 

It’s actually quite genius, and Utah should take a queue. Korea has long winters, and seasons that make it difficult to spend time outdoors. By enclosing a portion of the water park they can not only provide an attraction for guests to come play year round, but they can make money off of it as well. 

Another thing to note is that prices vary per season, and the prices listed above are Gold Season Prices for both the indoor and outdoor sections of the park. They are the most expensive of the entire year. Definitely use our link to get a discount off the ticket price! 

Entrance Caribbean Bay Family Day
Looks grand!

Is Everland’s Caribbean Bay Worth the Money for Families?

This is too hard a question to answer. 

Not a single slide can be enjoyed by any persons under 120cm, the average height of a 7 year old. If you are tall enough for a slide at Everland’s Caribbean Bay, that’s not enough. You also have to weigh enough. If you don’t, count those rides out too. Everland’s Caribbean Bay Waterpark is a lot like the Everland Theme Park in this regard. 

Seaweed Slide at Caribbean Bay Waterpark
Water playground

There are two children’s play areas/splash pads with extremely slow slides that no one wants to play in, except for European adults who think it’s appropriate to take a shower here. 

Children's Area of Caribbean Bay Waterpark
Move along big babies

Life jackets are required for most activities and take away a lot of the fun, but it’s also hot as hell in South Korea and there is nowhere else to go swimming. The answer to this question depends on how desperate your family is for a pool, and if it’s worth it to spend $42 to float around a lazy river for hours on end. For our family, it was worth it at least once. 

Indoor Waterpark at Everland’s Caribbean Bay 

The indoor section of the park is open year round, hopefully with a smaller price tag, and includes a jjimjilbang. There are four indoor slides, all with a 120cm height requirement as well. Two body slides, and two tube slides. 

There is an indoor playground, a wave pool, a portion of the lazy river, a shallow swimming pool, and a diving pool that is strictly for kids. 

Caribbean Bay Family Day
Indoor Waterpark

Indoor Playground

This is a pirate themed playground with tube bridge, two small slides, a rope ladder, a waterfall, a boat, and water that sprays everywhere. The two slides were closed, and the boat was for show – not playing on. What’s the point then?

Caribbean Bay Family Day
If only I weren’t already married…

Wave Pool

This is a smaller version of the outside wave pool with constant very small waves that create unbroken motion. Children must be taller than 120cm to cross the red line. Stuck behind this line the water is shallow, you can’t feel much of the waves, and are relegated to a second class citizen. Basically no different than the rest of the park.  

Indoor Wave Pool Caribbean Bay Family Day
Poor girl

Lazy River

The lazy river at Everland’s Caribben Bay is actually probably the best part of the whole park outside of the Megastorm ride! And thank goodness for that because I spent the majority of my day here in the lazy river.  

Caribbean Bay Family Day
Me and the girls together

Everland’s Caribbean Bay Lazy River winds both indoor and outdoor, but swimmers can either stay completely indoors, or stay completely outdoors. There are waterfalls and spray mists throughout the river, and a rapids section that flows quite fast. Tubes are provided freely for all guests and float down the river occupied or not. 

Unlike a lot of Lazy Rivers at Waterparks, this is not a river where you can stay put. It’s fast! The bottom of the pool is smooth and you will be pushed along with the current even if you have your feet planted on the ground. This is what makes it so fun! It’s a great attraction for the whole family. 

Caribbean Bay Family Day

Swimming Pool

The Swimming Pool in the indoor waterpark at Everland’s Caribbean Bay might be a stretch by American standards, but this is a standard children’s pool in South Korea. No more than .5 meters deep it was the perfect depth for Eclair to practice her underwater handstands. 

This pool is connected both indoors and out, which makes it fun for the kids to swim in and out and play a game of tag through the water. 

Caribbean Bay Family Day
Consolation Ice Cream

Diving Pool 

This is the one area of the park that is strictly for kids and by that we mean, adults are not allowed to go diving. This diving pool is the antithesis of the entire park. Unless elsewhere at Caribbean Bay, in this section you can’t weigh too much because Korean’s believe if you go underwater you will hurt your ears. 

After 45 seconds of instruction, children are allowed to jump. It’s a long, brutal, 45 seconds of standing at attention, looking the lifeguard in the eye, nodding in agreement and promising not to have fun. 

Diving Pool Everland
Go after it!

And of course, Eclair couldn’t jump. She told the lifeguard she could swim, Pie told the lifeguard she could swim, Widmore told the lifeguard she could swim, I told the lifeguard she could swim, but the arms crossed in an X was the answer every time. Our whole family was devastated for her.  

There is a second diving pool outside near the wave pool. 

Diving Pool Everland
You have officially waited long enough

Outdoor Waterpark at Everland’s Caribbean Bay 

The outdoor waterpark at Everland’s Caribbean Bay is significantly larger than the indoor waterpark, but small in comparison to most parks you’ve probably been to. 

There are 10 slides, a wave pool with 8.5 feet waves, several hot tubs, and a lazy river. There are also two children’s play areas and splash pads and an obstacle course. Plus, there is a surfing simulator. 

Caribbean Bay Family Day
Tons of fun for everyone!


The slides are sectioned into three different groups and one to rule them all: Megastorm. More details in the next section below. 

Lazy River

As mentioned in the Indoor waterpark section, the Lazy River is both fun and fast with innertubes free of use to drift along the moving river. It’s one of the best attributes of the park and can keep you entertained for hours! This is fortunate, because if you bring a child under 120cm that’s all you’ll be doing. 

Caribbean Bay Family Day
Just relaxing to the max

Hot Tubs 

I for one, have never been to a waterpark with a hot tub. Everland’s Caribbean Bay has not just one, but three hot tubs, and one with massage jets as well. There are chairs built into the design of the hot tub with super powered jets situated below the water level. There is also a bade pool with ultra powered shower jets that offer a pounding massage so forceful it’s difficult to stand under the weight.

Caribbean Bay Family Day
Bade Pool

And despite the strict swimming rules about children in pools throughout the entirety of this country, somehow babies are welcome in the hot tubs. Our family enjoyed leisurely alternating between the cooler pools and the warmer hot tubs throughout the day. 

Wave Pool 

This pool is insane! Our family loved the wave pool at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon, but our family loved this wave pool even more! At Typhoon Lagoon waves reach a height of six feet. Here at Everland’s Caribbean Bay, 8.5 foot waves pummel swimmers. There is a deep section of this pool, a huge green dividing segment and then the shallow end. 

Wave Pool Korea
You Shall Not Pass (courtesy of JiYun Jung YouTube)

If you do not have a life jacket on, you shall not pass the green segment. You shall not step foot in the green segment. You shall not look at the green segment. The green segment is heavily guarded by over six different lifeguards and they don’t mess around; they are hawks. 

The waves come in increments, and swimmers are alerted of their impending arrival by a fog horn. Prior to the fog horn, swimmers with life vests on may come and go through the green zone under the watchful eye of the lifeguards. Once the wave period has been initiated, swimmers may only enter the green zone during the first 15 seconds after a wave has passed. In preparation for the wave, the zone must be empty and the lifeguards will stand watch like Wakanda guards holding a barrier with their 50” rescue tubes. You shall not pass. 

Caribbean Bay Family Day
South Korea’s Best

We actually saw someone try to breach the barrier and two lifeguards rushed at him like a prisoner with a shank. One lifeguard took authority and wrapped his arm around the guys neck and shoulders and held his rescue tube up the swimmer’s neck to protect him from the wave. I don’t know if this guy could swim or not, but he certainly wasn’t drowning at the time of impact. Despite this, knowing how few Korean’s can swim, it probably was necessary.

Children’s Play Areas

These two structures are pretty standard with mushroom showers, ankle deep wading water, a tube slide or two and climbing structures. They are more of an afterthought and like all play structures, never that fun for anyone. 

Caribbean Bay Family Day
No one can ever come between us…

Obstacle Course

The Obstacle Course at Everland’s Caribbean Bay is basically a bounce house set over a large swath of water. There are dividers to go over, under and jump across and it looks really fun! No one is allowed on this course, however, without a life jacket. No one in our family. 

Caribbean Bay Family Day
$35 Obstacle Course

Life jacket’s are $7 a person.

Surfing Simulator 

Or, more aptly named, stomach surfing. Of course you aren’t allowed to stand on this ride, that wouldn’t be safe. Not like I know how to surf. I was pushed up and out of the waves in a millisecond, but Gabriel was a pro. He lasted the entire minute and looked like he’d been doing it his entire life. The trick to this one is keeping your head up, and your legs down. 

Surfing Simulator
Pro on the first try

Rides at Everland’s Caribbean Bay 

There are 14 slides at Everland’s Caribbean Bay in five different sections. I’ve named some of these rides my own names, because the names Everland gave them are boring and non-descript. 

There are four indoor slides mentioned above. 

Seaweed Slide 

This is a greenish blue slide located next to the children’s diving pool. It’s slick, fast and slimy and shoots you through a tube from the surface of indoor park to the bottom and spits you out near the underground lazy river. 

Seaweed Slide at Caribbean Bay Waterpark
45 seconds on swimming instructions and a slide in the background

Single Marshmallow

This innertube slide reminded our family of the Crush ‘n’ Gusher slides at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon. They are tube slides enclosed with netting across the top and zip you down twists and turns to the bottom. They are super fun! 

Double Marshmallow

See above, but two people in an innertube. 

Body Tube Slide 

We didn’t get a chance to do this one, but it is a tube slide without an innertube. 

The remaining 10 slides are located outdoors. 

The Clown’s Tongue

The Clown’s Tongue drops you through a shoot and sends you rolling in a 360° loopy loop, straight from a clown’s open mouth and across his tongue. There are four of these slides. If you don’t make it around the loopy loop there is an escape hatch you climb out of when you slide backwards in shame from being too thin. 

Clown's Tongue Caribbean Bay Everland
Just think of the water as saliva

Tower Rides

Two tower raft innertube slides for groups are located side by side and utilize the same staircase to access. The first ride is a swift ride that allows for three or four riders to occupy a tube that spins around as it descends. The second ride only allows exactly three people per tube and drops you from a height of 19 meters/62 feet and sends you back up a sloping hill before exiting the ride. 

Tower Boomerang Go Caribbean Bay
Awesome sauce (courtesy of Everland)

Orange Slides of Doom

I hate these slides, but that’s just me. They are open slides with a teeny tiny lip on the edges and give you a wedgie every single time. The water slaps your back as you imagine death every single time. There are two of these and they never differ no matter where in the world you are.

This is why I hate them. 


White Off Limits Slide

Located next to the orange slides, this slide was closed, but it looked fun. 


The Megastorm is the reason that people come to Everland’s Caribbean Bay Waterpark. This ride is massive and takes up a full third of the park, easily. This is another innertube ride that seats a maximum of six people. The number of riders is based on weight. Riders stand on a scale and either get a green light, or a red light. 

Caribbean Bay Family Day
1 to rule them all

Green means go and first riders have to stretch before boarding. After boarding guests are required to hold on tight and promise they will hold on tight with both hands until the watercoaster is over. 

You definitely want to hold on tight. This ride is intense and it’s awesome. There is no wonder why there is upwards of a two hour wait to ride. First you spin around and around while going up and down and all around before getting spit into a giant cone and swirling around and around. It’s awesome. 

Family Tip: Wait until an hour before closing and you’ll likely only have to wait about 20 minutes like I did! In fact, we rode more slides in the last hour than we did the five hours before that. 

Caribbean Bay
Life vests: Mandatory

Restaurants at Everland’s Caribbean Bay 

They are awful. There is processed chicken, and then there is whatever they serve at Caribbean Bay. Maybe we ate at the worst place in the park, but I will never dare try to eat anything at this park again. I felt awful feeding my family this stuff passing as food. You are better off going hungry. 

Popcorn Chicken at Everland Caribbean Bay
Popcorn Gross Chicken

Other Things You Should Know About Everland’s Caribbean Bay

Lockers are extra.

Life jackets are extra, and generally required to play.

Caribbean Bay Family Day
Always making friends everywhere she goes

Towels are extra.

Lounge chairs are extra.

Bus Home from Caribbean Bay Family Day
Excellent Caribbean Bay Family Day

There is a direct bus from Everland Incheon Bus Terminal for just ₩6,000 per person! For our family that’s comparable to the price of a taxi and easier too. You can catch this from the main parking lot at Everland. 

How to Escape the Summer Heat in Korea: Caribbean Bay
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