Mommy and Me Baby Jjimjilbang

Week 6 we slowed down just a little bit and crossed a few more things off our list to do that we wanted to see, do and experience in South Korea. Things like visit Gangnam and dance like Psy in Gangnam Square, check out an indoor petting zoo where savage meerkats attacked our daughter, and see what it’s like to film yourself eating in what Korean’s call a mukbang.

Even still, our favorite thing this week was discovering Baby Angels! A Baby Jjimjilbang. Molasses was treated to a full two hours at a baby spa where she was treated like the princess she was born to be.

Check out everything that happened this week during our summer school adventures in South Korea!

Day 36 & 37: Bringing Forky to Life | 장난감 이야기 4에서 Forky

Day 38: Whoop Em Family Gangnam Style | 후프 엠 강남 스타일

Day 39: Daughter’s First Sacrament Meeting Talk at Church | 교회에서 딸의 첫 성찬식 이야기

Day 40: Indoor Animal Theme Park Petting Zoo | 실내애니멀테마 파크

Day 41: Discovering Korea’s Best Kept Secret – Bingsu! | 한국 최고의 비밀 발견

Day 42: A Baby Jjimjilbang and Our First Mukbang | 아기 찜질방과 우리 첫 맘방

South Korea Family Travel Journal Week 7


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