Exploring Waterfalls on Jeju Island with Kids

We continue our summer school adventures in South Korea in Week 4: exploring, worldschooling and playing while Gabriel teaches two courses at the University of Utah Asia Campus! This week we traveled to Jeju Island, celebrated Father’s Day and give a walkthrough video tour of the Global Campus where we are living. 


Day 22: A Perfect Family Day on Jeju Island

Day 23: Worldschooling on Jeju at the 4.3 Peace Park & Dongmun Market

Day 24: Top 15 Cultural Differences Between South Korea and America

Day 25: Celebrating Father’s Day in South Korea

Day 26: What to Expect Living at the Incheon Global Campus in South Korea

Day 27: Date Day is the Best Day | Two Dates in One

Day 28: Free Swimming in Korea & Learning What Free Means

South Korea Family Travel Journal Week 5


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