Grocery shopping in Korea

I think we are slowing but surely moving towards normalization in regards to our sleeping schedule. We didn’t wake up until 5am this morning! One extra hour of sleep felt like a huge win!

Day 3 South Korea Family Travel Journal 

Today the plan was to find a grocery store that we didn’t have to buy everything in bulk, preferably we could walk to, and had everything we needed. We thought it would be a more leisurely day and we’d cross grocery shopping in Korea off the list and then do something fun like go to the movies, or Monster VR, or something else – but it ended up taking forever and being exhausting. In fact, I feel like today was the worst in terms of how I feel; the initial excitement has worn off and my body needs to recuperate.

Street Art in Korea
Street Art at Triple Street

But first, food.

Ranking: #wetdiaper

Dr. Fry
Triple Street
Price: 2,500 – 3,000

We’d been eyeing these Korean corn dogs since well, I guess yesterday. They are the mother of all corn dogs.

Korean Corn Dogs
Cheers to Corn Dogs

They offer two types of corn dogs, a standard corn dog and one with potatoes fried into the batter. My biggest concern was that these Korean corn dogs were made of real dog and it legitimately made me hesitate to even try one; but in the end their massive size won me over.

This location also sold something that Google translate told me was busan, but apparently that’s a city in Korea and not a food item. We each got a standard Korean corn dog, and Gabriel opted for the one with potatoes.

These bad boys are double dipped. I don’t know if they are dipped, fried, and then dipped and fried again but they have so much batter wrapped around the tiny hot dog, you can barely see it. It is completely suffocated. And you’d never know if it was real dog, even though Gabriel says you would because the ratio between dog and batter is so uneven. 

Korean Corn Dogs
The poor hot dog is suffocating

Korean corn dogs are sweet. The batter is completely dominant and it’s nearly impossible to taste anything else. So first you have a pancake sweet batter, add ketchup and possibly dog, and you’ve basically got a weird version of dessert.

From here we made the trek out to the grocery store which required us to double back. About halfway to the grocery store I realized after Molasses knocked my phone off the table we never remembered to pick it back up so Gabriel had to hoof it back to Dr. Fry. Fortunately some nice vendors had picked it up and kept it for us.

Napping in Korea
Even she’s tuckered out!

I was left with the kids in what just happened to be this beautiful park with a lovely swing in the shape of a heart. Everything here is so pristine. We definitely want to come back and spend some more time here. There is also a Home Plus store located across the street that I’m hoping we can find american bed sheets at. They don’t use those here.

Parks in Korea
Everyone I hold in my heart

Ranking: #cleandiaper

에덴 마트
Eden Mart
Songdo-dong, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon
Phone: 032-812-1177
Hours: Sunday thru Saturday 8am – 10pm

We actually found four different grocery stores, but this one was the best. One was basically a glorified convenience store packed into an itty bitty living space; impossible to navigate with a child, or a stroller, or a human body. The other one was an organic grocery store, but was mostly full of boxes that were entirely in Korean. We found a few vegetables and a package of two avocados for $11.  

Grocery Shopping in Korea
Just take my wallet

Grocery Shopping in Korea at Eden Mart was the most standard grocery store you’d expect to find. It had everything from shelf stable food, to fresh vegetables and fruits to laundry detergent.

Grocery Shopping in Korea
Typical Korean Groceries

All the garlic is peeled here, and we discovered that in Korea carrots are grown to feed an Indoraptor. But, are these carrots grown in Korea? Or, are they grown in the same fields as the carrots sold in the United States and they are just allowed to grow longer? It’s interesting how we become accustomed to things that giant carrots seem like a weird anomaly. Last year we learned at Wheeler Farm that carrots were originally purple. They weeded out the darker colors until orange became the new normal. Who decided that orange was the most appetizing color of carrots?

We also found an aisle of live sea creatures.

While grocery shopping in Korea we found a bunch of boxes labeled: “Made For Korea”. In the US we are used to boxes saying Made in China. Which made us ask a bunch of questions, and we found out that Koreans don’t like China too much. In fact, they blame China for all the air pollution in Incheon. That’s convenient.

Grocery Shopping in Korea
Can anyone tell me what type of fruit this is?

We still don’t have a huge amount of cookware, so we just got a few basics.

Bottled Water
3 Bell Peppers

2 AA batteries
3 bottles of nail polish
Bag of Cookies

All that, cost $91. Eight items cost NINETY ONE DOLLARS! Everyone says it’s cheaper to eat out in Korea. Um, yeah, I think so. I’m not sure how much grocery shopping in Korea we are going to actually do. 

Burgers in Korea
Checking out the menu and friez

Ranking: #stinkydiaper

버거와 프리츠
Burgers and Friez
Incheon, Yeonsu-gu
송도 과학 로 16 번길 33-3 트리플 스트리트 C B207
Phone: 032 – 310 – 9400
Hours: Sunday thru Saturday 10am – 10pm

After traversing all over checking out grocery shopping in Korea, we were exhausted. We just wanted simple food for dinner. Food that we didn’t have to try and figure out. So we opted for a burger joint that made me wish I’d gone starving.

Burgers in Korea
We choked it down

The place also sells the equivalent of Chuck-E-Cheese pizza and the walls are plastered in scantily clad stickers of American women. They did offer grape fanta, and that was the best thing there.

Today is Saturday. We still haven’t seen very many people. Seriously, where are all the people? There are high rises located everywhere that are so tall they touch the clouds. But, we have seen hardly any people anywhere we go. Today, just five people stopped us to talk to Molasses; that brings the total to 16 in two days. 

Buildings in Korea
Where have all the people gone?

We didn’t ended up going to the movies or Monster VR, but we did end the day relaxing in our apartment and introduced the kids to She-Ra after grocery shopping in Korea. Yes, the She-Ra from the 1980’s of our childhood. I took a nap on the couch. As long as I don’t have to eat at Burgers and Friez again, I like it here.

Also, we need to learn some Korean. Rosetta Stone has been difficult, but maybe we’ll try Fluent in 3 Months!

grocery shopping in Korea
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