Champion Sports Kids Play Area in Korea at Triple Street in Incheon

I don’t know how people go back and forth across the ocean, especially people who live here in South Korea and travel back and forth to the states to visit family at the end of the term. I mean Europe isn’t too bad, it’s just a few hours forward, but Asia is like time traveling. Or maybe, we are just old. On day 5 I actually woke up this morning feeling like I might have overcome my jet-lag, however, Gabriel was still on the underside of it. The kids are fine so we are going to take them to the Champion Sports Kids Cafe. 

Plus, since it was raining and cold today, and since we learned while attending The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Korea yesterday that we totally wasted our time figuring out the wrong grocery stores to go to, today was another gather our bearings day. Wasted might be the wrong word because we’ve been having a lot of fun exploring our new neighborhood, but I’m getting a little antsy now that it’s Day 5.

Day 5 South Korea Family Travel Journal
Champion Sports Kids Cafe

We started the morning deciding to take a little time each morning learning a few Korean words. Today we focused on Hello, Goodbye and Thank you.

“Hello” and “Goodbye” is: Annyeonghaseyo pronounced An-yang-has-e-o

“Thank You” is: Gomabseubnida pronounced come-saw-ham-needa

We’d already consumed all the groceries we bought for $91 just two days ago, for lunch we decided to tackle some more Korean food, so we headed back to Triple Street. The Global Campus is located directly across from this mega manicured shopping center. While a lot of it is filled with brand name and chain store franchises there are hidden local nuggets throughout; basically our backyard is a multi-layered and multi-faceted shopping mall filled with just about everything we could ever want.

First we hit up the Smoothie King  as soon as it opened since we’d already been awake for four hours and were unable to think about anything else.

Ranking: #cleandiaper

스무디 킹
Smoothie King
Phone: 032-310-9622
Hours: Sunday thru Saturday 10am – 10pm

Smoothie King Korea
This was our first visit!

Apparently there are Smoothie Kings all over the world, but I’ve never seen one until we came to Korea. They are literally around every corner. We’ve actually come here a three times already; it’s so easy and the kids are happy with a snack that is nutritious and filling. It’s totally been a side note in our journal keeping though, but since we’ve been here so often I definitely can’t leave it out. We’ve now tried seven different items on the menu and every one of them I’d love to have again. The kids have decided the Apple/Banana/Kale smoothie is their favorite.

From here we were in a much better state of mind to pick out a restaurant for lunch. Based on photos alone, since that’s pretty much all we have to go off of, we chose Hongdae Doburi.

Ranking: #cleandiaper

홍대돈부리 송도트리플스트리트점
Hongdae Donburi
인천광역시 연수구 송도과학로16번길 33-3 송도 트리플스트리트 C동 지하 1층
Songdo-dong, Yeonsu-gu
Phone: 032-310-9596
Hours: Sunday thru Saturday 10:30am – 10pm

We didn’t know this at the time, but instead of tackling Korean food we ended up at a Japanese restaurant. The menu was very appealing with lots of chicken, fish and pork. Our meal began with what I think was a pork broth, but I know for sure it definitely wasn’t fish.

Hongdae Donburi Restaurant in Korea
Yum! Broth!

From there we ordered the Ebi Don (prawns), Hire Katsu Don (pork tenderloin) and the Aburisake Don (salmon).

We had a choice between raw salmon and cooked salmon, and since we typically eat family style we went for cooked. This salmon dish was actually grilled on one side, and raw on the underside which created a unique texture and flavor. 

Hongdae Donburi Restaurant in Korea
What would you order?

The kids exclaimed over and over that the Hire Katsu Don was the best thing they’d ever eaten. I think they mostly said that because I was complaining about them not appreciating the opportunity we had to experience new things in this culture, but it was extremely good.

The prawns were the best thing we ordered and came topped with a fried egg. I definitely see us eating there a few more times this summer. It was delicious.

Hongdae Donburi Restaurant in Korea
Super delicious!

Ranking: #cleandiaper

아기 라운지
Baby Lounge
Triple Street

We also found the Baby Lounge today. Technically we found it on Day 2, but we didn’t really understand how cool it was!

Baby Lounge in Korea at Triple Street
Molasses and I’s favorite place to change a diaper!

There are tables for families with toddlers to eat, plus high chairs.

There are plush baby changing tables.

Private nursing rooms with recliners and even cribs!

Baby Lounge in Korea at Triple Street
Baby needs a break!

Outside the lounge, kids can get helium filled balloons from a vending machine and play on some mechanical cars.

So the thing I’ve learned about Asia, and is reinforced every single time we come here, is how much other parts of the world integrate children into their culture and society.  In the states there are plenty of children’s activities, but they are far removed from everyday life. Especially in Utah. There are tons of things for kids to do but it is a family outing to do anything – the zoo, the aquarium, Thanksgiving Point, Liberty Park, Classic Skating.

I’m trying to think how to describe this. It’s like the concept of McDonald’s where families can go to eat, but the children can play at the same time. Korea takes the concept to the next level. In Korea there are play areas, or kids cafes, for the children everywhere. So you can eat; you can go shopping; you can pretty much accomplish any task.

Champion Sports Kids Play Area in Korea at Triple Street in Incheon
Baby area

Ranking: #cleandiaper

챔피언 스포츠 키즈 플레이 구역
Champion Sports Kids Cafe
Triple Street
Price: ₩14,000 36 months and under 150cm | One parent free with child younger than 36 months

The Champion Sports Kids Cafe is a great example of this structure.

Champion Sports Kids Play Area in Korea at Triple Street in Incheon
Punch rage

This was a special surprise for the kids today. We’ve been kind of hard on them the past couple of days. We have been so tired and jetlagged and trying to figure out everything, we knew it was long past time that they needed an activity just for them. We briefly saw this place a day ago, but Scott brought it up during our chat yesterday and we wanted to give them a chance to check it out. Apparently these play centers, or play cafes as they are referred to in Korea originated in Georgia!

Champion Sports Kids Play Area in Korea at Triple Street in Incheon

Every Champion Sports Kids Cafe is different. The one at the Hyundai Outlets offers trampolines, virtual baseball, a soccer field, rock climbing, inner tube slides, bicycle go karts, a ball pit, an obstacle course, boxing rings and punching bags and an tube climbing structure that weaves through the ceiling of the entire play place. Apparently, it’s one of the smaller play areas!

Champion Sports Kids Play Area in Korea at Triple Street in Incheon
Cris Cross Applesauce Jump

For just about $10 children can play for up to two hours. After that, rates are charged hourly. There are workers there that watch over the kids and help them if needed with anything they want to do. Parents are invited to come and watch, or they can leave the kids to play (which I think is the more preferred choice). There is also a little cafe upstairs with a play area for babies and monitors where parents can watch their children. I came in for the first half hour and then texted Gabriel to come meet me.

Champion Sports Kids Play Area in Korea at Triple Street in Incheon
Rock climbing wall

While the kids played, he and I ended up exploring a bunch of this area that we didn’t know existed until we walked through the air conditioned section of this building on our way home from church yesterday. This whole section is a maze of interconnected tunnels that overlap each other, are stacked on top of one another, and double back. We found restaurants, and clearance bins, and bakeries and finally a hairdryer! I also picked up a strawberry cream filled pastry that I enjoyed all to myself.

Pastries in Korea
My special treat

After two hours the kids came out bright red. They had a blast and couldn’t wait to go again!

Update: We’ve tried another Champion Sports Kids Cafe at the Home Plus Mall on day 27!

Champion Sports Kids Play Area in Korea at Triple Street in Incheon
Swimming through the ball pit

Ranking: #cleandiaper

홈 플러스
Home Plus
168-3 Songdo-dong
Yeonsu-gu, Incheon
Phone: 032-220-8000
Hours: Monday thru Saturday 10am – 12am

After we picked up the kids we headed to a grocery store called Home Plus. Home Plus is like Super Target meets a shopping mall. It’s got everything from a department store, plus everything you need from a grocery store, plus everything you need from a shopping mall, but condensed. We were advised that this is actually the best place to go grocery shopping, and we found prices to be slightly more competitive than the Eden Mart.

At Eden Mart, a whole Watermelon sold for $20. Here, it was on sale for $13. No, I’m not exaggerating. Watermelons are expeeeeeeeeeeeensive in Asia.

Today we picked up a couple more essentials and enough to get us through a couple more days and give us energy to play at the Championship Sports Kids Play Area.

Champion Sports Kids Play Area in Korea at Triple Street in Incheon
Virtual Baseball

Bag of apples
Bag of oriental melons
Bag of onions
Carton of blueberries
Bag of peeled garlic
3 cucumbers
Small bag of organic sugar
4 avocados
Salt (we opted for the $1.90 salt instead of the $7 salt)
Frying Pan
Two cases of waters
4 fillets of fish
2 boxes of popsicles
Coconut oil
New croc shoes for the girls ($10 each – both their flip flops broke)

Grocery Shopping in Korea
Oriental Melons

This amounted to $140. That’s rough.

We came back in time for dinner and cooked our fresh fish with rice, and enjoyed the oriental melon with dinner. It tastes almost like a cross between a honeydew melon and a cantaloupe. Widmore ate two entire melons just himself. He was hungry after playing so hard at the Champion Sports Kids Cafe. 

Champion Sports Kids Play Area in Korea at Triple Street in Incheon
Go cart bicycles

The girls and I had a nail salon party out on the deck, while Widmore practiced his Korean to the students passing by in the quad below. We ended the evening early with a few meltdowns about who got to play with Miss Molasses and Pie wanted to throw away her shirt that reads: “Everyone Loves a Big Sister”  because she and Eclair got in a fight.

Our total is now up to 30 for the number of people that have either stopped to talk to our kids, particularly Molasses, tried to grab her from me, asked to hold her, tried to have a conversation with her, or just stopped us wherever we are to make cutesy faces. 

Champion Sports Kids Play Area in Korea at Triple Street in Incheon
Pin me!

I’m ready to wake up later in the morning tomorrow and kick this jet-lag in the butt!


  1. I just bought watermelon at BJs for $4.99 yesterday. Eek!! I would freak if it was on sale for $13!! We have Smoothie King’s here too. Keep the stories coming!!! Waiting for Day 6!!

    • Keep reading then, because we found a watermelon for $7! It’s crazy when something so simple is so exciting! Thanks for coming on this journey with us!


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