Puppies in Korea

Traveling for 17 hours and awake for 48, overcoming jet-lag, gathering our bearings and surviving sticker shock over Korean produce prices, traveling an hour one way to church, exploring the Jung-gu district, and playing the day away at Everland, I think we are overdue for a rest day!

Day 8 South Korea Family Travel Journal

But, Puppies! Puppies in Korea! 

Puppies in Korea
He’s trying to nibble my finger!

We lounged around the house today and splurged on breakfast. Four smoothies from Smoothie King, two egg cheese and ham sandwiches from Mill Bean plus an apple turnover and a strawberry jam pastry, two corn dogs and a churro. Then we played more Tetris 99, caught up on the blog, and Molasses took an epic nap after gnawing on the table.

Baby eating the table
Yum, the table!

I know, exciting.

But,… on our way to get breakfast/lunch goodies we noticed a sign on a door that said: “Coming Soon” just a few doors down from the entrance to Triple Street. Inside were rows and rows and rows of chest freezers! As luck would have it, they are opening a Popsicle Store here at Triple Street! Heaven is here on Earth!

Popsicle Store in Incheon
Could this day get any better?

Before following up on a hot tip we heard about another grocery store, we saw this ingenious guy doing his job.

Segway Man
Segway man

And while trying to find the new grocery store, located an entire floor of Triple Street dedicated to playing Claw Machine games. Who? What? Why?

Claw Machine
The amount of money whoever owns these machines must make…

Ranking: #cleandiaper

No Brand
Triple Street
Incheon, Korea

Did we mention the puppies? Puppies in Korea! This store is located right next to No Brand.

Puppies in Korea
This one is my favorite!

No Brand is one of the largest supermarket chains in Korea, and it has just about everything. Plus it’s way cheaper than any other store we’ve been to. Not as cheap as the local grocers in Jung-gu district, but for a store we can walk to, I am more satisfied than any other grocery. Watermelons are ₩ 10,000, even though we keep forgetting to pick one up. At No Brand you have to pay to use a grocery cart, so we meant to go back and get the watermelon at the end.  

Bag of Oriental Melons
Box of Apples
Carton of Grapes
Large bag of Frozen Chicken Breasts
Large bag of Frozen Fish
Bag of Frozen Peas
8 Squishy Hair Rollers (my hot rollers won’t work with the voltage)
25 Eggs
Whole Pineapple
A few treats
4 AAA Batteries

Total: ₩ 70,000

Puppies in Korea
He wants out!

Then, there were puppies. Puppies in Korea! Adorable, squishy, playful, tiny puppies from heaven. The kids cried all night that we couldn’t/wouldn’t buy one. It was rough on all of us. Did we mention the puppies in Korea were only ₩ 2.8 million? 

Puppies in Korea
So many adorable puppies that need a home!

We’ve been here a full week now, and about 100 people have stopped us to see the kids and their blonde hair and blue eyes. I miss fitted mattress sheets, the kids wish they had bikes, and Gabriel wonders if Korean food is only soup. 

Korean Food
Dinner’s up!


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