Namdaemum Market

We’ve still got three weeks left in Korea, but our time is winding down as it becomes increasingly hard to do much during the school week after Gabriel gets out of class. Travel time is a huge hindrance to accomplishing much if we don’t get out the door first thing in the morning. Today we are calling it a slow day in Korea, or in other words, we didn’t do anything.

Day 44 South Korea Family Travel Journal:
Slow Day in Korea
한국의 천천히 걷는 날

Today was supposed to be a whole lot of hanging around the apartment feeling little to no stress about doing anything except consuming more Bingsu. We are officially obsessed with two things in Korea: Korean Shaved Ice Bingsu and Korean Chinese food. Spoiler Alert: After Day 45 at Namdaemun Market and finally getting our hands on some hotteok, we have now officially fallen in love with three things in Korea.

Bingsu Shaved Ice in Korea for a slow day in korea
Strawberry Melon Bingsu

Unfortunately though, we remembered that we hadn’t recorded our podcast yet for the week and in our not so successful attempts to leave everything for the last minute we decided to take cross this off our to do list. No rest for the weary! Since we had so much fun doing a mukbang, we decided to try that out for the podcast this week.

We piled everyone onto a bus, infamous Bus 91, and recorded the first half at Sulbing as a family, and then hoofed it over to Triple Street for the second half. We let the kids play at Champion Sports Kids Cafe, and we finished the podcast at Chicken Galbi.

Chicken Galbi for a slow day in Korea
Cheese Ring Galbi is the official name

Sulbing ended up being too loud with a screaming toddler and a table full of pre-teens in the background, but we devoured our mango and mint chocolate bingsu nonetheless.  I’m not a huge fan of mango on its own, but combined with sweetened condensed milk and frozen milk ice I’ve been converted.

Chicken Galbi, on the other hand, was deserted and a great place to record! Check out our mukbang live podcast at YouTube!

Plus, though it’s not recorded, we still had room for more cheesecake and crepe cake from Billy Angel’s to end our afternoon date. I said slow day in Korea, not restricting calories day in Korea.

Ranking: #cleandiaper

Billy Angel’s
Triple Street
Incheon, South Korea
Hours: 10:30am – 10pm

If we are just talking crepe cake, it was ok. It was just a little too sweet, but the cheesecake was perfect. It is about as classic as you can get cheesecake, and is even topped with the standard canned cherries you’d expect. I’m really going to miss our afternoon dates when we leave South Korea.

After we all got back from eating, playing and recording, we lazily watched Age of Ultron as a family for our slow day in Korea and went to bed to rest up for Day 45.


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