Salem, Massachusetts, Tales & Tombstones, Haunted Trolley Ride, creating family memories, family travel, traveling with kids,
Salem, Massachusetts didn’t prove to be quite what we expected. During our trip to Boston, we carved out a day to spend touring the most iconic Halloween destination in America. Rather than festive Halloween celebrations, however, we found little more than a torture chamber of silliness. While we infinitely enjoyed learning about the history of Salem, and touring the...
Old Burying Point Cemetery, Salem, Massachusetts, Halloween, Haunted, Witch City, Salem Witches, Hanging Tree, Hanging Judge, Tombstones, Diapersonaplane, Diapers on a plane, creating family memories, family travel
Neither Boston nor Salem, are lacking in the old cemeteries department. Both cities have numerous burial grounds for key players in the early colonial era and American revolution. The tombstones are thin, frail and lean with the wind, they are difficult to read and have unique puritan etchings on them. They are fascinating and remarkable and contain a sense...
Frankenstein's Castle, Salem, Massachusetts, Witch Village, Haunted House, Diapersonaplane, Diapers On A Plane, creating family memories, traveling with kids, family travel
Please, explain to me how Frankenstein’s Castle is voted Salem’s Best Haunted House? What exactly were the criteria for elements of judging? Are there no other Haunted Houses within driving distance to choose from? Was judging completed by kindergartners? Was the judging based solely off of Frankenstein Haunted Houses? Maybe it was up against other Haunted Houses that have...

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