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Salem, Massachusetts; site of the infamous Salem Witch Trials, is one of the oldest and most historical cities in the United States of America. It's just 20 minutes to the north of Boston by convenient train, and was initiated in 1626. Along with being one of the most iconic places in the world to celebrate Halloween, Salem is home...
Frankenstein's Castle, Salem, Massachusetts, Witch Village, Haunted House, Diapersonaplane, Diapers On A Plane, creating family memories, traveling with kids, family travel
Please, explain to me how Frankenstein’s Castle is voted Salem’s Best Haunted House? What exactly were the criteria for elements of judging? Are there no other Haunted Houses within driving distance to choose from? Was judging completed by kindergartners? Was the judging based solely off of Frankenstein Haunted Houses? Maybe it was up against other Haunted Houses that have...
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My very first job, at 16 years old, was at See’s Candies in Portland, Oregon at the Lloyd Center Mall. I loved it so much I transferred to the store in Orem, Utah during college, and when Gabriel and I were married came back to my job at Lloyd Center. Eating bon bons all day? That's the life. Especially,...

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