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Iceland has intrigued us ever since Gabriel first graduated with his Bachelor’s Degree, and he applied for a job at CCP Games in Reykjavik. We were enamored by the idea of walking outside to go snowboarding, writing books in the summer twilight, and that crime is so low even the police don’t carry guns. Sadly, Gabriel didn’t get this...
Iceland, Christmas in Iceland, Reykjavik, Golden Circle, Blue Lagoon, Strokker, Thingvillar, Iceskating, Winter Swimming, Continental Divide, diapersonaplane, Diapers on a plane, Creating Family Memories, Family Travel, Traveling with kids
Iceland is one of the most intriguing places we’ve ever been. It was unique unto itself, and the culture was fascinating. The way that the people in Iceland honor the land, and the sea, and they way that they celebrate life and respect their ancient beliefs of Norse mythology was compelling to be a part of. We were treated...

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